A teen was arrested for allegedly raping a girl as she died from an overdose, then sending pictures bragging to his friends


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A teen was arrested for allegedly raping a girl as she died from an overdose, then sending pictures bragging to his friends

He used her ‘dead thumb’ to post on Snapchat saying she’d ran away

A teenager has been arrested after allegedly raping a girl as she lay dying from a drug overdose, then taking pictures of her lifeless body to send to friends.

Brian Varela, 19, went to his job at Dairy Queen after murdering and raping Alyssa Mae Noceda, according to a horrifying police report released in Washington state.

He has been charged with suspicion of manslaughter, homicide by controlled substance, and second-degree rape.

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Brian Varela

Alyssa, 18, met Varela at a party in a mobile home park last Saturday evening. She died later that night.

Snohomish County police say Alyssa was hanging out with Varela when she took a line of crushed Percocet. Varela gave her a dab of liquid THC, then she collapsed. While she lay unconscious, Varela raped her.

After, he texted friends in his group chat to show photos of Alyssa lying out cold on his bed.

"LOL I think she od'd, still breathing," he said. "I'm smashing her to pass the time."

"She died having sex with me," he added.

The report said instead of calling for help, Varela fell asleep and woke to find her corpse, foam around her lips. He then went to his job at Dairy Queen, where he apparently boasted having sex with Alyssa. His coworkers told cops that Varela said he needed to bury a body.

My daughter Alyssa Noceda has passed away. Thank you for all your help.

Posted by Gina Pierson on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One coworker went to the police after searching online for Alyssa, and seeing a post from her mother talking about her missing daughter.

Police found Alyssa's body in a crate in Varela's bedroom, in his mobile home.

They described how Varela went to great lengths to dispose of her corpse. He reportedly tried to remove his DNA from her and broke her legs in order to cram her into the crate, which he wanted to bury in the ground.

Apparently Varela had used Alyssa's thumb to unlock her iPhone and post on Snapchat to make people think she'd ran away. He later threw her phone in a construction site.

A prosecutor said Varela had a "callous and shocking disregard for human life."

Bail has been set at $500,000.

A GoFundMe for Alyssa's funeral costs is here.

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