These girls rocking their saggy boobs will make you burn every one of your bras


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These girls rocking their saggy boobs will make you burn every one of your bras

Burn them all!

I've been insecure about my breasts since I noticed my once-C-cups were transforming into a set of sagging double-Ds. I was jealous of every girl with a smaller rack and I would even wear a bra to bed because I was so attached to the support it provided my tits.

But since blogger Chidera Eggerure started a movement for women to embrace their sag with #SaggyBoobsMatter, I'm considering finally leaving my house wild and free.

These gorgeous women have embraced their sag boob — and hopefully, after seeing how they rock them loud and proud, you'll even muster up the courage to do the same.

Dress them up in jewlery

Don't be afraid of the plunging neckline, girl

When timehop comes up on Facebook and two years ago you living in london 🙄#tb #missmynosepiercing always had #saggyboobs #saggyboobsmatter

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Ain't no ni**a that she holding man her love is too damn foreign 🔥 #LastNight #Atlanta #Georgia #ChubbyChick #ThickThighsSavesLives #SaggyBoobs #TattedChick #Fashionnova #FashionNovaPlus #Novababe #SouthAfricanInAmerica

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Bralettes are for every boobie

Time for a real post! This is probably the most embarrassing, hardest post for me to share but I'm going to do it anyway. I get a lot of messages on here saying how do you look so amazing for 7 kids etc your so slim etc- I always reply oh good filter, good angle etc. I only ever post filtered photos, photos taken in good angles as to not show how much weight I've gained. I've had comments that I'm stuck up, love myself etc when the truth is I suffer with extreme self esteem issues and have no self confidence at all – aside from when I have a face of makeup and a filter making me look totally not me! I've struggled for pretty much my whole life with eating issues- constant yoyo dieting, fast weightloss just to gain in all back and more! I was quite trim after having the twins and was in ok shape right after I had them but have gained 2 stone since😩I am a total emotional eater, I am addicted to food and have a real problem. I look in the mirror and hate myself, I rarely meet with friends now as too embarrassed how I look. I know I'm not ridiculously obese but at 4 stone heavier than what I was a couple of years ago I feel disgusting, can't fit into anything and generally feel sh*t! Why am I sharing this ? Because I'm showing that don't believe what you see on social media, I've been one to spend hours myself looking through insa at everyone's "perfect" photos, perfect figures, perfect faces and I'll be the first to admit it makes me feel crap, I'll feel jealous of how perfectly beautiful and slim they are. Let me tell you insta pics and real life are two different stories! I feel like a fraud some days, portraying to be something I'm not and why? Because it's that need for people to accept me, to tell me I look good, to boost my confidence! As sad as that it it's the truth! So for anyone that looks at people's "perfect" looks/lives don't be fooled. I'd love to start a trend of people posting normal unfiltered "real" photos hastagged #reallifeme I can't believe I'm even posting this but hopefully it can help someone else and to know we all struggle and have flaws and all going through our own issues and problems and no one is perfect🖤 #reallifeme

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And braless crop tops will look poppin with those saggy boobs, my queens

Negliges are going to make them pop.

Even small boobs get hangtime

Can't forget the side view

You can even push those saggy boobs together

Wear the sag, don't let the sag wear you

wind really wasn’t tryna let me prosper 😒

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Strapless bandeau's will heavily accentuate them

Doing up bad bitch 💁🏽‍♀️

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Or just go braless underneath a simple tee

Becoming (small) fat was something of the best things that happened to me. Because it made me take care of my seöf loathing and self hate. Its still hard, ofc, especially in times like this when it's all about weight loss and diets. But I am kind of fat. That's not a problem. If you got a problem with that, go fix it Cause I ain't got time for your hatefull fucking bullshit. All bodies are good bodies ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES. Also, check out the amazing @theslumflower who is the creator of #saggyboobsmatter I wish that existed when I was younger, might tell you more about that in another post if you would like to hear about it. Comment below if that sounds interesting❤️👇 #smallfat #plussize #bodypositive #selfie #fat #fatbabe #queerfat #queer #fatpositive #kroppspositiv #kroppsaktivist #kroppskärlek #alternativecurves #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards

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Does anyone else stash their snacks in their underboob…?

No matter what letter of the alphabet your cup size resides, every tit is beautiful and you should be proud to wear them out and about without the annoying armor we've gotten so attached to.


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