Why does Instagram hate fat girls?


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Why does Instagram hate fat girls?

Suspiciously, Kim K’s nudes are still up

This week on babe's Instagram, we posted a video promoting my body-positive column — you know, the one you're reading right now. The video was a compilation of me showing how to take great fat girl nudes, proving that no one should have to feel insecure about their body and sexuality.

Like this:

Hot, right?

The next morning, it had disappeared from our grid.

Eventually, we realized some fat-shaming shoobie ruined the party (and the positive message we tried to convey), and reported the video to Instagram.

Funnily enough, verified accounts like Emily Ratajkowski, Kelly Gale, Bella Hadid and Kim K, who collectively dominate the Insta landscape, are able to maintain a near-constant state of nudity for the 'gram without being reported. Instead, they're promoted.


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Nov 25, 2017 at 9:08am PST

That's when I made the sad realization that Instagram itself is a prejudiced body-shaming hellscape. Like, really? Why is it that my video, in which I censored my boobs with my hands just like Emrata, got reported and deleted, but all of these thinner and fitter influencers are getting paid to be naked?

Let's be real, though. The issue with all of this is that some posts are valued over others despite the fact that we're all women. My nudity isn't mainstream, and therefore deemed unworthy.

Can you remember the last time you saw a girl with a cellulite-ridden ass and some extra jiggle in a mainstream film or TV show? I'm talking about actual screen time, not comic relief or a token best friend part. Sadly, the last big girl role engrained into my mind is Gabrielle Sidibe's rape scene in her role as Precious.

Sure, Sidibe now has a part on Empire and actress Danielle Brooks is blowing up on Orange is the New Black, but they're not leading ladies—simply supporting actresses. Not so mainstream is it? There are so many missed opportunities for the media to depict real-life romances that consist of couples with different body types, skin complexions and sexual orientations.

Really, the only chubby girl I've ever seen star in a mainstream love story is Lena Dunham, and that's because she got to write and direct the whole damn thing.

  • HuffPo made the point that "fat" love affairs go unnoticed all the time, and it's true, probably because there's some insane misconception that fat women aren't attractive with no romantic lives to depict, despite the fact that nearly two-thirds of American women are plus-sized. You're telling me that 70 percent of women alive don't date and have sex? LOL K.

    And it's not just on-screen. Sexual, bared-all nakedness is everywhere — but only for thin girls. We've never seen a curvy woman strut the Victoria's Secret Fashion show runway. A three-inch piece of scarlet cloth is the only thing censoring their genitals from millions of Middle America TV screens, and no one bats an eye. But damn it all to hell if a big girl with thighs and back rolls wears two-piece lingerie. There have been so many times I've been told to "stick to turtlenecks" and that mini skirts weren't for people like me because it doesn't match with society's law of attraction.

    News flash: One person's attraction to a size 0 is another's indifference. Not every person on the planet is jerking off to a thigh gap, yet we banish and shame those who suffer from chub rub — all 70 percent of us.

    Fatter asses, larger boobs, stretch marks and scars are not what's "trending" in the eyes of either social or traditional media according to the assholes who reported and took my titties down.

    So, if you're going to report my nudes, then report all of them.

    I'll always love my haters, though. Every deleted post is another excuse to shove my cellulicious ass in their faces.