Your weekly horoscopes are here and honestly, it’s going to be a hot week


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Your weekly horoscopes are here and honestly, it’s going to be a hot week

Valentine’s Day is steaming up

I know none of us can believe it, but it's already February 12. And while normally I'd be pretty upset that it's the week of Valentine's Day and I still have no plans other than ordering in a pizza and garlic knots, I have faith it's going to be a good week. With an eclipse on the 15th and the stars giving most of us some serious sexual power, it's going to be an interesting few days.

Here are your weekly horoscopes with illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe:


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You’ve spent the first few weeks of February with others, and now it's time to spend time with yourself. You deserve a recharge with some satisfying R&R. I know this seems like weird advice for V-Day, but unless you have intense plans, you should take yourself on a date. Challenge yourself to some serious skincare, eat some good food, and catch up on all your TV shows. This self-love shouldn't end on the 14th, either. Keep up your good habits and the rest of the month will be a breeze.


This week is the busy period you’ve been gearing up for. It might not seem like it now but by next Sunday, you'll be slumped in bed, thinking about everything you've accomplished. Maybe it'll be a successful Valentine's date or a hot hookup this weekend or a perfect advice-session for your best friend. Honestly, it will probably be all three. You're making moves. Be sure to keep up your good habits and stop slacking where you've been letting yourself go. You're going to need all the water and veggies you can get this week. I promise all the work will be worth it.


The eclipse on the 15th gives you some serious star power, making this week your time to shine. You'll thrive in new social scenes, making it the perfect time to try out that bar you've been wanting to visit or hang out with the new girl from work. It's also the perfect time to hop out of your comfort zone and try out something new in your love life. Whether it's a new partner, a new Tinder bio, or a new sex position, you're in for some surprises, Gemini. Even if you orchestrate them yourself, you'll barely recognize this new you. Keep being bold and flirt while you can. This week you're extra suave.


For you, this month is all about renewal. The eclipse this week will bring you energy to leave bad memories and toxic people behind, just in time for new relationships to kindle. Take time to recover all the energy this important growth will take by staying in and sleeping it off. Unless you have some serious plans this Valentine's Day, you should take it easy and treat yourself to some chocolate and a bath.


Leo, you're in love. It might be romantic, it might be with your friends, or it might just be your entire life. The eclipse on the 15th will bring you happiness that will continue for the rest of the month. Use the good vibes you get from true bliss to make this week yours. Take a risk, spend some cash, and have a great time. This week, you can't fail. I know that seems unlikely with Valentine's Day coming up, but I promise you, the next few days are going to be solid.


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Virgo, we both know you get caught up in societal expectations. With the pressure of Valentine's Day, you're going to be a hot mess for the first half of the week. But after your perfectly planned date, Galentine's party, or scheduled cry-session is over, it's time to go back to focusing on you. This week is all about self-care. I know you're a little thrifty, but splurge on some things that make you feel good — a new face mask, a spin class, or even an XL cheese pizza. It's therapeutic to treat yourself. Just trust me.


The eclipse on February 15th is going to bring a new balance to your life — and that's something you thrive in, Libra. Use the extra energy you feel from the tough parts of your life calming down to do what you've been too anxious or exhausted to do. Spoil yourself. Go out every night this week. Ask that Tinder match to hook-up on Valentine's Day. This week is yours. I can't wait to see what you accomplish.


Scorpio, you've been running yourself ragged. You're exhausted, which increases your sensitivity and pushes you to make rash decisions. Be careful this week with everything you do, especially when it comes to romance. A Valentine's date or a hot hookup is not a good time to have a meltdown. Take time to rest and relax to minimize negative moves. But also realize you can channel this sensitivity into something passionate and…sexy. Take extra time this week to feel sensual — whether it's with actual sex or just a hot bubble bath. You can get through this stressful time with some TLC.


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You're feeling open and adventurous in relationships, with the eclipse on the 15th giving you the extra confidence to be vulnerable all week long. Use this to really connect with the people in your life. If you've been needing to have a hard talk with someone, you should do it soon. Your vulnerability is magnetic, and no one will be able to say no to you.


Capricorn, you've been working your ass off this month. Whether you've been putting in extra effort in your relationships, working hard to secure the bag, or just calling your mom on the reg, the universe feels the work you've done. And it's ready to reward you. Your energy is on 10 right now. Your ideas are flowing, your conversational abilities have heightened, and you'll have a natural glow the entire week. Honestly, you're on fire, and it's time to prioritize socializing — just in time for a hot Valentine's date or an intense heart-to-heart with your Galentine's.


I know you felt trapped in January. Actually, you've felt trapped in the stress of the entire holiday season — so basically, you've been lightyears behind everyone else. But this week, you're finally going to feel refreshed. The eclipse on the 15th will act like a reset button on your life, and you'll finally have the time and space to do what you want with your year. Rethink your resolutions, set some good habits in motion, and socialize with friends you haven't seen in forever. With your mind so clear, a hidden romance may appear — so be prepared to find yourself falling sometime soon. Maybe not by the 14th, but that's OK — you've never liked cliched romance anyway.


This week, you're absolutely magnetic. Your normally intriguing air is pumped up as we approach the eclipse on the 15th, making you unforgettable. You're feeling flirtatious, and it's definitely working. Take this time to hang out with a new crush, pick-up guys this weekend, or spice things up with your boyfriend. You're super sexy just in time for the most romantic week of the year. Lucky you.

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