Cardi B is pregnant!


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Cardi B is pregnant!

With a Bodak Baby

Just weeks after telling people she's "not pregnant, just fat", Cardi B's team apparently announced her pregnancy to everyone they could find.

Presumably the baby is in question is serial cheater/rapper Offset's, to which I say: why? His net worth is only $2 million, and Cardi's star is shining way brighter than his right now. He's not even the most famous Migo. What's the reason for this coupling? Love? No thanks.

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Cardi and Offset

Here's how the announcement happened:

Over Super Bowl weekend (feels like ages ago, huh?), Cardi was performing at a Maxim party in Minneapolis. It was attended by a bunch of VIP football players and after she was done with her set, event organizers tried to escort her to the party room with free-flowing booze and athletic debauchery. Then, TMZ reports, her representatives stepped in and said Cardi couldn't be in a "party atmosphere" because she was 3 to 4 months pregnant.

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Cardi with DJ Khaled and his son Asahd, proving she'll be a cute mom

Of course, this could all be bullshit but you know what? We thought the Kylie TMZ announcement was fake too and here we are, one Stormi later.

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