Does the Nexplanon birth control implant hurt?


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Does the Nexplanon birth control implant hurt?

Here’s information from experts and real girls

It's 2018, which means there a billion different birth controls for us to find. If you're trying to decide which contraceptive to choose in this day and age, or if you're super done with taking pills everyday, you've probably considered the implant. But the most common question about this form of BC is: Does the Nexplanon birth control implant hurt?

According to Planned Parenthood, patients are given a numbing shot prior to implant insertion

This makes you unable to feel the Nexplanon entering your arm. After the pain medication has worn off, you may feel an ache where the implant was inserted. This ache goes away quickly. Any tenderness is generally gone within a few days. So basically, it doesn't hurt much at all.

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Condom-less sex? Pretty hot, in my opinion.

Real girls agree with Planned Parenthood that the Nexplanon is pretty painless

And really, most people think the pinch of the numbing shot hurts worse. Reddit user justice_scale said she "only felt brief pinching inside my arm for a few seconds, and then it was all done." Similarly, yoasshole said she's "a HUGE wuss," but the only thing that hurts during the procedure is the numbing shot.

Both girls agreed all soreness from their Nexplanon had gone away within a few days.

If you experience severe pain after your Nexplanon insertion, or any of these symptoms, contact your health provider immediately

But remember, nothing is as bad as a late period. Birth control is really THE best.

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