Sports Illustrated got its first Black, plus-size swimsuit model and she’s so damn hot


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Sports Illustrated got its first Black, plus-size swimsuit model and she’s so damn hot

Why is there still a ‘first black’ anything?

Believe me when I tell you I thought Ashley Graham would be the last curvy girl to appear in Sports Illustrated. Since the magazine's inception, there have only been three Black women to grace its cover, and they were all straight-size models.

But as of yesterday, plus-size model Tabria Majors has made history, breaking her body type into the pages of SI.

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She's embracing the saggy boob look, too

In my adolescence, all the guys in my class would drool over the skinnier girls in middle school mathematics, but these gorgeous pics of Tabria's Sports Illustrated spread will hopefully convince people that there are other tasty-looking snacks at the table other than the ones we've been celebrating for the past zillion decades.

If you're like me and shop plus, you may even recognize Tabria in your shopping cart after carrying out your addiction at Forever 21:

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She's literally the whole first row of bralettes

Even though big names like Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks, and Dannielle Harrington have blessed us with their brown beauty, my heart is warming to see that the media is still taking steps forward to include more races and even more body types besides the more common hourglass figure.

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She's got saggy boobs AND a little tummy!

What can be most appreciated about S.I.'s choice to include Tabria in this issue is that she's not the stereotypical body type we see in the industry. While "it" girls Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham have a tighter waist in proportion to their hips, Tabria is less curvy and with straighter proportions.

She says although it didn't take her long to reach this level of success, she worked hard to get there. "To think just a little over a year ago I was still working part-time as a maid, literally scrubbing floors after I completed photo shoots, constantly questioning if this 'modeling thing' was going to work out," she said of the issue.

Maybe one day if I get naked enough on Instagram, Sports Illustrated will hire my ashy butt to pose for its next issue. But I'll probably just keep professionally thirst-trapping instead.


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