Who is Jacob Sartorius? An in-depth look at Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend


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Who is Jacob Sartorius? An in-depth look at Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend

Here’s everything you need to know

If you're over the age of 14 and reading stories about Millie Bobby Brown and her cute baby boyfriend, you're probably wondering: Who is Jacob Sartorius? Here's what we know about the 15-year-old star:

Jacob Sartorius is famous for lip-syncing videos on Musical.ly

Yes, people get famous for pretending to sing in 2018. It's a scary world we live in.

But if you don't know who Jacob is, you're probably also wondering: What's Musical.ly?

All you need to know is it's a YouTube-like hellhole for pre-teen and teen douchebags. The stars record short music videos, and a bunch of five-year-olds get the cute ones famous. It's a scientific formula for breeding young fuckboys.

Philly tonight xx

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His 2016 hit single, 'Sweatshirt', charted on the Hot 100 in the United States and Canada

The single's music video has over 48 million views on YouTube. That's a lot of young children with internet access. Just saying.

Jacob Sartorius in 'Sweatshirt'

Jacob has also released an EP called The Last Text and went on a world tour in 2017

Justin Bieber is SHAKING.

Jacob Sartorius discussing his world tour

He's been dating Millie Bobby Brown since Fall 2017

But the pair seem to have a rocky relationship. I mean, they're both teenagers, so it makes sense.

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown cuddling