Drake Bell gets fully naked and then goes down on a girl for way too long in this very creepy video


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Drake Bell gets fully naked and then goes down on a girl for way too long in this very creepy video

I’m so glad I wasn’t a child star

I have three memories of Drake and Josh and they are as follows: Drake was hot, Josh was weird and Megan was hot adjacent. She clearly got the same genes as Drake, it was only a matter of time.

But since the show came off the air, Megan went on to a successful career as iCarly front-woman, Josh married someone waaaay too attractive for him and Drake just kind of . . . fell off.

Remember that whole embarrassing fight between the two when Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding? TBF I wouldn't want Drake there either. He looks like the type of guy who'd try to make moves on the bride. But now, he's returned with a vengeance.

Drake is back in an attempt to 'Rewind'

Yesterday, as a special ~V Day treat~ for all the single ladies, Drake Bell dropped some soft porn for us in the form of a music video for his song "Rewind" and you can literally watch him eat a girl out.

Multiple times!!!

This is what he posted to promote the video

So I guess we shouldn't be that shocked by what we got. Kind of like that David Backham one, only less attractive. What's up with his skin anyway? And why does he look like a greaser even though he's not dressed?

Maybe Drake and G-Eazy have more in common than I thought.

@people x Rewind #strippedtour link in bio!

A post shared by Drake Bell (@drakebell) on Feb 14, 2018 at 9:47am PST


A post shared by Drake Bell (@drakebell) on Feb 12, 2018 at 8:00pm PST

It's literally rated R

The music video opens with an R rated warning, so maybe don't watch it if you're near other people.

I don't want to be turned on, but I am

Although that might be because of her, not him. You know how when you're watching porn you're always wondering Who's filming this????

Well when I was watching this music video all I could think was WHO'S FILMING THIS???!?

And who spreads a girl's legs that wide before going down on them? She looks like she's about to take flight.

Every now and then they take a moment to breathe

And ballroom dance?

But that's enough with the romance

It's a Thursday and we're all only in it for the Tumblr porn.

And the cunnilingus

If you're bored in class or at work and want to attempt to get off, you can watch the rest of the video here:

  • Just don't gaze directly into his smize.

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