‘Tiger-beating’ is the sexiest trend featuring one of your biggest insecurities


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‘Tiger-beating’ is the sexiest trend featuring one of your biggest insecurities

I’m trying to tonight, tbh

Every second I spend twiddling my thumbs through the 7th circle of hell that is Instagram, there's nothing I can do to un-see a thirst trap from whoever I'm (regretfully) following. But girls of all different body types are showing off a woman's biggest body insecurity as a thirst trap and passing it off as part of the #bodypositive movement—stretch marks.

Instagram girls are taking back their bods and flashing their tiger stripes all over their stories and feeds, and it's inspiring the fuck out of me:

They tiger beat in their bathing suits (it's winter btw)

Obviously in their lace panties

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Don't forget the glitter

Are we even women if we haven't doused a pic of our body in glittery glam? I'm pretty sure it'll soon get banned because society hates women, but while let's turn up the feminism while we still have glitz galore.


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#selfconfidence #glitterstretchmarks make-up artwork by @sarashakeel

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The reason why women are posting their stretch marks for thirst-trapping is the same reason Fat Amy calls herself "fat"— to take back the power it had over us.

  • I think what made stretch marks such a huge "problem" for women to accept is because we get trapped into this thinking that we've "let our bodies go" — like we haven't take care of it enough, and that's why it's not as unblemished as newborn's skin.

    I don't despise men, but no one can deny that their opinions on women have attributed to the insecurity as a whole. In my mind, I think some men believe that women don't (and shouldn't) have a hair out of place on our pretty little wig-weaves. Then, when they see what women actually look like, they freak out.

    Despite society’s efforts to make us hate ourselves, we’re taking other people’s hate and flashing it on the ‘gram. There’s never been a more appropriate time to use our imperfections as the most lethal weapon to reflect other haters’ insecurities. And if they continue to hate, let them.

    They’re watching what you're doing, so clearly you're doing something right.