GUILTY: Student facing 21 counts of sexual assault-related charges from 11 women enters plea


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GUILTY: Student facing 21 counts of sexual assault-related charges from 11 women enters plea

‘Whenever I saw him in the library I would get a chill down my spine’

Alec Cook, the student facing two dozen sexual-assault related charges from 11 women, will plead guilty on Wednesday.

The former UW-Madison student, 21, is charged with strangulation, sexual assault, stalking, disorderly conduct and false imprisonment.

Cook's lawyers announced his plans to plead guilty just a week before his first trial was due to start.

He will face sentencing in three months for a number of disturbing charges. Court documents list a slew of vile offensives, which included pinning a woman to his bed and digitally penetrating her, as she told him "to stop with every gulp of air."

Alec Cook

Lawyers said how Cook will plead guilty to five of his 21 counts of sexual assault-related charges. The other counts against Cook will be dismissed, but judges could consider them at sentencing.

One incident relates to an evening Cook spent studying and having dinner with a woman who he then took back to his apartment.

There, he began forcefully kissing her despite her objections. "This is much too fast, please stop," she said. Cook reportedly said: "Umm, OK," then thrust his hand down her pants and starting penetrating her.

The woman described how she hoped to get away from him, but "accepted her fate and gave up a little bit" on realizing his size and strength. She described how he kept a "death grip" on her arm and body, stopping her from getting her phone or leaving the bed.

She asked him to at least use a condom. He obliged, but then ejaculated, took off the condom and "thrust it back in." Court documents add how he yanked her into various positions without speaking, and started choking her so hard she "couldn't breathe."

"You have to stop, I'm going to pass out," she said.

He then slapped her in the face, despite her saying: "I don't like that." Cook responded: "You must like that. I always knew you were kinky, you must like this. You seem like a kinky person."

"I really have to go, I don't like this." Cook responded by trying to shut her up "with his face." It took her a further 30 minutes to get Cook off her and out of bed, giving her the chance to grab her clothes and leave.

"I don't think we should hang anymore," she messaged him after that night. "My body hurts a lot today."

He responded: "I do want a second date."

Alec Cook's mugshot

After this first complaint emerged, 10 more women stepped forward to describe their own experiences with Cook. This led to police filing 21 charges against him.

One included Cook pressuring a woman to smoke weed with him and giving her a liquid that made her feel "hazy" and "fuzzy." He penetrated her so aggressively she began bleeding. "I told him no, but he still did."

Another described Cook having non-consensual sex with a woman and hitting her on the back and legs, despite being told to stop.

Cook was known around campus for strange behavior. A student who spoke to The Tab about him said: "He was known to make women very uncomfortable."

Another added: "Whenever I saw him in the library I would get a chill down my spine. He was always known as that weird guy. Everyone I know has always said he gave them the creeps."

Cook was expelled from school in February 2017 and banned from returning to campus.