Your weekly horoscopes are here, and literally no one is acting like themselves


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and literally no one is acting like themselves

What are you guys doing? lol

Is it just me, or is February flying by? I swear, I don't even remember what I did last week. It's all a blur. Or maybe I just blocked it all out because of a failed Valentine's Day? Who knows!

This week, everyone is reeling from the eclipse and a crazy-busy week. And it's making us act… so not like ourselves. Read on to see what your week holds. Lots of us are going to have a surprising weekend.


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Aries, you've been working your ass off. Whether you've been killing it at the gym, nailing things at school, or just calling your mom a lot, the universe feels all your hard work. And it's going to give you some kind of reward. Whether it's reassurance from your role model, a new love connection, or a best friend who treats you to a burger at your favorite restaurant, you're in for a good week. Take it as a sign to keep doing what you're doing. And be sure to hop on any opportunity that comes your way to make sure your special surprise happens.


The sun just moved into Pisces, giving you a new air of confidence you might not have felt in the last few weeks. This week, you're a social butterfly. Treat yourself to a crazy night out. Go to that expensive dinner. It's your time to shine, and you need to take every opportunity. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet a new guy or a new BFF with your poise. If not, you'll at least have the memories of that one time you were actually brave enough to get blackout and dance on a table. Not normal for you, Taurus, so you need to live it up while you can.


This week, the odds at work are in your favor. Whether it's a group project you get an A on or a hard-earned promotion, you're on fire professionally. You're feeling a new wave of motivation, your ideas are flowing, and your co-workers are in step with your crazy plans. Remember not to burn yourself out too bad, though. Not all weeks will be like this week, so save up some of that energy for the future.


Cancer, you're going to feel some kind of pressure to back-slide this week. You've been working so hard to accomplish your personal goals, and you need to keep going. Say 'no' to your demons, don't let that ex crawl back into your iMessage, and remember to hydrate. If you need help, enlist a best friend to keep you accountable. If you fall through the cracks, forgive yourself and start over. Don't dwell too much. We know you love to dwell.


You've created so many new connections this month. I'm not surprised, since you're so good at pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight. But some of these connections are really going to heat up this week. Whether it's a new friend who is going to spill some secrets, or a new guy who wants to be serious, you're in for a lot this week. Even though you're outgoing, you usually try to guard your heart. Let yourself be vulnerable to the new person who's trying to get in. Or at least try not to be your stubborn self. I swear this new relationship will be worth it.


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Virgo, despite your best efforts, you are stressed tf out. But I have something that will calm you down: The sun is in your sixth house, making this week the perfect time for some TLC. You're going to have exceptionally good luck this week, so your stress level should be pretty minimal. I mean, for you. You'll know exactly what to say to your crush, your boss will get off your back, and you'll even get some kind of unexpected gift this week. Ride the wave of this stress-free week with some face masks, bubble baths, and good sleep sessions. You'll need it to gear up for next month.


February is coming to an end, and you've realized there's still a lot you want to accomplish. Whether it's perfecting a skin care routine, filing your taxes, or finishing a project at work, you're a little bit behind. Don't stress out. Instead, put all of your energy into your goals this week. It's time to ground yourself. Make a solid plan for the next few days that can make your dreams a reality, and get to work. You'd be shocked how much you can accomplish when you really dedicate yourself to something.


Scorpio, this week is a much needed release for you. You're going to feel more stable in your personal relationships as the week goes on, allowing you to focus on other things. Maybe you've been wanting to dedicate more time to a new hobby, your personal health, or your sleep schedule. Feeling calm in your friendships and your love life will let you do just that. But try not to get too bored. This isn't a prescription for a social hiatus. Try to go out this weekend — it should be drama-free.


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this might not be your week. You've been pushing your boundaries and trying hard to be vulnerable lately, and it's taking a toll on your heart. Whether you feel sluggish because you're not sure what your crush is thinking, or you're having a fight with your best friend after a serious talk, this week will be hard for you. Be sure to take care of yourself: Stay in, cry, and eat some ice cream. Let's give your heart a break.


Capricorn, you're usually so practical. But this week, you want to be a little crazy. You're feeling the urge to be spontaneous and try something new. That energy means something good may come your way if you take the risk. Feel free to go out with friends, drink tons of liquid courage, and chat with the cute guy who seems out of your league. If you're thinking about hitting the poker room or trying out a new club, you need to go. You don't know when you'll be feeling this courageous again. You deserve to try something new.


Aquarius is known for being chill. But this week, you're feeling a real social energy. You're going to be pretty chatty, especially when you're drunk. Be sure to use this energy to your benefit, but don't go too far. You might accidentally give too much information away or say something that starts a big fight. Have fun at bars this weekend, but beware giving up too many of your secrets. It could spell some social trouble in the future.


Pisces, you're feeling confident as fuck this week. You're going to get reassurance from someone pretty important (even if it's just your mom), and it's going to remind you why you're motivated to be who you are. Use this confidence to check in on your relationships. Are you trying to DTR? Are you dying to ask your boss about a promotion? Are you a little scared to ask your long-distance best friend how she's doing? You can make it happen this week, I swear. You're so sure of yourself, nothing can go wrong. And if you hit a bump in the road, throw yourself into another social situation to make it better. There's nothing a little tequila can't fix.

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