Meet Jamie Zhu, the YouTuber who makes his living torturing girls on camera


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Meet Jamie Zhu, the YouTuber who makes his living torturing girls on camera

In one clip, he rips off her clothes in public and covers her in barbecue sauce

Step right up and look at Jamie Zhu, the biggest douche on the planet.

A video of the YouTube prankster (was there ever a YouTube prankster who wasn't a complete scumbag?) is doing the rounds on Twitter today, which shows him being a dick to his "girlfriend" for laughs.

Whether she's in on it or not is almost beside the point – she's the butt of the joke, someone to be laughed at.

He's using her to spit on:

To rip off her underwear:

And then sniff it:

To rip off her pants in public and cover her in barbecue sauce:

To pick her up and throw her:

You get the idea. Jamie Zhu's a fucking idiot who posts videos like AIRHORN IN THE LIBRARY! and Touching People's LEGS on the BUS! and BLOCKING STRANGERS IN PUBLIC! (Selfie Prank) and I'm Gay, Can I Touch Your Boobs?

He would have been the kid in school asking you to smell his fingers, picking his nose and eating it, and loudly calling everyone around him gay, or that he isn't gay.

In fact, that's still part of his repertoire – here's a video where he walks around telling people exactly that:

Somehow, he's amassed a following of 100k YouTube subscribers and half a million Instagram fans. His videos have been seen millions upon millions of times, and he's used his nascent fame to sell stupid t-shirts for more than $20 that say "stick it in" on them.

That'll cost you $22.95

While he's made forays into America to hassle strangers here, he's also known in his home country of Australia for pissing people off there. He's been booted out of a tennis match for making sex noises, profiled for watching porn in a lecture and criticized for grabbing unsuspecting commuters on the bus.

Is it too much to ask to end his account?