Creeps who call the Florida high school shooter a ‘saint’ are now bragging about stalking girls


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Creeps who call the Florida high school shooter a ‘saint’ are now bragging about stalking girls

One user said he wanted to make girls ‘feel afraid’

Guys on a site called, which advocates for rape and torture, are now bragging about stalking teenage girls at night.

In a post that has gone viral, a user named Classic_Jarvis describes the thrill he felt when stalking a frightened girl.

He says he approached her to ask for directions and her name. "She became afraid and started walking away," he writes. "I followed her, and then she went from walking briskly to running." is a home to the "involuntarily celebate," referring to incels – men who blame women for not having sex with them. Recent posts also refer to Nikolas Cruz, the Florida high school shooter, as a "saint" who should be "forever praised."

The post, which encourages other incels to do the same, reads:

I once approached a teenage girl (around 14 years old) by asking her for directions at first. Then I proceeded to ask for her name. She became afraid and started walking away. I followed her, and then she went from walking briskly to running. Her gait was peculiar, because she ran like a newborn fawn, turning around every so often, trying to see if I am still following.

(Now, I want to make clear that I absolutely abhor rape and did not have any intention in that direction, not molestation not any of that.)

She had no reason to be frightened. I wasn't gonna do anything.

But the feeling when you follow a girl and she notices you, and she tries to loose you or picks up the pace. That is kind of a good feeling. You become important to her. You are no longer some random insignificant face in the crowd.

I know it is kind of low-level behaviour. But I do enjoy doing that. I go to another city, look for a girl that is walking by herself and start following her. After a while they notice you. After dark, after sunset it may suffice to just walk in the same general direction as a girl that is walking in front of you. They become paranoid.

I recommend you lonely incels try it some time. Just to make her afraid. If you know your limits and don't actually harass – let alone rape – that girl, it should be harmless psychological fun.

Another user congratulates the guy who made the post, and writes: "I like to make people feel unsafe low key. For me it's a subconscious thing."

One poster says: "Good job, I think I'm going to do the same now."

"We need more people like OP," adds another.

The site was made after Reddit closed the r/Incels forum late last year for violating its rules. is home to posts where users discuss why they should be allowed to rape women. One post, now deleted, asks how to disfigure women with battery acid.

Users often take conversations to Discord, a messenger app where incels can talk in private.

Babe gained access to their server, which contains posts praising the Florida high school gunman, Nikolas Cruz. They call him a "saint" and say he "did the right thing."

Disturbing posts also brag about real life crime – one user describes groping a woman in a cinema.

"I was rubbing her belly during the whole movie and she kind of just let me do it," he wrote. "When the move was over though she tried to leave asap."

"I just went in," he added. "I think she was just too timid to start a fuss."

Screenshots from's Discord server

"Jesus dude you got guts," says an admirer.

Another user posted about stalking a woman. "I actually was so taken aback I followed her around the store a bit like a creep."

Others discuss the age of consent in different states and countries – one user brags about having a date with a 16-year-old.

"AoC [age of consent] is 15 here and only 16 in my home country anyway," he says.

Another poster says he can "fuck some prime teen" in Ibiza, where the Spanish age of consent is 16 years old.

Other posts discuss why they should be allowed to rape women, commit incest and torture people to death.