We asked the NSA if there were really government agents watching us from our webcams, and they didn’t deny it


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We asked the NSA if there were really government agents watching us from our webcams, and they didn’t deny it


So you're talking to your roommate and you casually mention that you kind of need a haircut. Then you log onto Facebook an hour later, and all you see is haircuts for Aveda salons.

What? How the fuck did you just say something out loud, without searching it, and now your computer knows about it? That doesn't make sense, unless…

That's right. It's the fucking FBI.

But memes aside, are we really being watched all the time? Because I feel like I'm being watched all the time, but I think I might just be self-absorbed/paranoid. So we decided to go right to the source, and find out

I called the NSA

The phone number for the National Security Agency is right there on the website. Anybody can call it. It's really easy, unless you're one of those people who gets nervous on the phone.

I spoke briefly to an NSA operator, and what she told me chilled me to my core (because I get nervous on the phone). I asked her to confirm or deny the theory all have FBI agents assigned to watch us, individually, through our phones and computers. First she said just one word: "No."

But I pressed on, because that answer was too short to be interesting. "Can you confirm or deny that theory?" I asked again.

And then she said a sentence that chilled me to my core:

"We don't confirm or deny anything."


I also emailed the NSA

And you can too!

I thought I was pretty polite, and I told them I had a deadline, but they never responded. Perhaps because they had… s o m e t h i n g t o h i d e ?

It soon became clear to me that nothing would ever become clear to me. I was being stonewalled by a government that claims to be by the people and for the people. What about me? And what about my FBI agent? Do I have a different FBI agent for my work computer (yeah, no big deal, we have work computers)? Are they going to be mad that I wrote this article?

All I can do is publish my findings and let you draw your own conclusions. And all my FBI agent can do is watch.

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