EXPOSED: We just made a startling discovery about sex in the Olympic Village


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EXPOSED: We just made a startling discovery about sex in the Olympic Village

It’s not all fun and games

When I heard sex was a big part of living in the Olympic Village (they passed out 110,000 condoms this year!), I was like: Oh shit! That's kinda hot. Just a bunch of fit as fuck athletes hooking up with each other. Who wouldn't want to live there? There are quite a few single Olympians I would downhill ski with, if you know what I mean. And I mean fucking.

But then, I had a major revelation about sex in the Olympic Village. Follow me on this fantasy-ruining investigation:

So I was reading Buzzfeed today, and I saw they had pictures of the Olympian's rooms

Of course, I clicked, because I am a whore for Team USA Ice Skating. And hot luge guys, but this is all beside the point.

But I noticed something major

It looked like a lot of the rooms have twin-sized beds.

Everyone who's had sex in a twin-sized bed knows it's the fucking worst

It should be reserved for sexually-active teens who live with their parents and freaky college students who have no shame anyway. The fact that Olympians sleep in twin-sized beds completely ruined my view of Olympic Village sex.

Of course, I had to confirm that this sad fact was true

I found more pics of Olympian's twin-sized beds.

A medium-sized reporter in a twin-sized bed at the 2012 Olympics

And I even found an athlete complaining to People about having to sleep in such a tiny-ass space

Runner Allyson Felix said,"Here you are at the hardest competition of your life and you have a twin bed." There are even stories of athletes buying bed extenders. Horrifying.

In their defense, it looks like not all athletes sleep in twins. Some have full or even queen-sized beds, based on my estimation of this Pyeongchang promotional photo.

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Please note this was a *promotional* photo and it still looks like a prison

But most rooms are shared, and they're often compared to dorm rooms or even hospital rooms. That's very… not sexy.

So I guess next time you're jealous you're not banging a hot speed skater, remember that he'd only be able to fuck you in the same bed you slept in as a six-year-old, except not shaped like a race car so it's arguably worse. Total fucking deal breaker.

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