Health YouTubers are now claiming you can cure any disease just by drinking your own piss


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Health YouTubers are now claiming you can cure any disease just by drinking your own piss

Including HIV, cancer, and broken bones

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a whole section of YouTube out there dedicated to the vile practice of urine therapy – drinking your own piss and slathering it over yourself for health benefits.

It might sound like a lame joke but there are countless videos out there hosted by earnest, vegan-looking, acoustic-guitar-soundtrack earth-mothers begging you to fill up a glass with your own hot piss and chug it down. They say it can cure anything – that it's full of essential nutrients and minerals that "detox" your system.

Just check out this video from Rain Florence, a prominent health vlogger whose videos have been viewed nearly 100 million times.

"It’s the best form of vitamins and nutrients that you can possibly take in," she says to the camera. "It’s supposed to expel parasites."

"I'm getting a nice sting on my face from applying the urine to my skin," Rain tells the camera, after explaining you can dab it onto your face for health problems (you can't) and you can drink it for health benefits (you shouldn't).

She lists no fewer than 70 supposed benefits of drinking your own piss, saying, "there is practically nothing it won't cure." These conditions, she claims, include AIDS, cancer, broken bones, leprosy, constipation, hangover, gonorrhea and pneumonia. Where is she getting this from?!

Rain's other video highlights include Me doing an Enema (Step by Step) and My husband drank my breastmilk. In case you wanted to see her collected works on urine therapy, Rain has a seven-part series on it.

And she isn't the only one. Here's Quartz Crystal, a vlogger who advises a raw diet while downing your own piss, adding: "You should never be drinking anyone else's urine."

Crucially, also, because drinking your own piss is weird is hell, she adds: "I highly suggest that you not be sharing that information with your family and friends because they will think you have totally lost it."

In her videos on the subject, Ruby Stone, another health YouTuber says: "I started urine therapy about three weeks ago and I feel detoxed. I feel a fresh sensation within my body."

"I drink my urine and it helped me a lot," she adds in Results Before and After Urine Therapy (it works). "It cleansed my system, it detoxed my system. It helps my body. I feel like a brand new person again. It cures a lot of disease that you would never think it could cure."

And here's Katrine Rudolph, who in Urine Therapy – for powerful healing, says: "I actually like the taste of my urine, it tastes nice."

"When you're using your own urine, you're tapping into all the imbalances that are in your system," she explains. "It's all so fascinating and it's for free."

Just in case you were looking at any of these videos and were thinking that a glass of piping hot piss would get rid of your headache of clear up your skin – do not do it.

The reason you piss, as urologist Zaki Almallah tells Marie Claire, is to get rid of fluid and minerals your body doesn't need.

"The point of urination is to rid the body of excess," he says. "Why would you want to re-absorb that? The only time it’s medically recommended to ingest urine is if you’re stranded without food or water for many days."

Don't drink your own piss!


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