People just realized the ‘drunk lady’ at last night’s BRIT Awards was a HAIM sister


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People just realized the ‘drunk lady’ at last night’s BRIT Awards was a HAIM sister


The best part of award shows, without a doubt, is the drunken bathroom photoshoot that leaks the next morning. All those celebs decked out in gems, while sitting on the bathroom sink and doing lines of coke off their diamond handbags or whatever. (Yes, this is what we're doing when we ask 17 of our friends to join us to pee.)

But the second best part is hearing all about who made a fool of themselves — who swooned over their ex on the red carpet, or who got too vodka wasted to make a coherent acceptance speech.

Well last night, at the BRIT awards, while One Direction’s Liam Payne was being interviewed, Haim bassist Este Haim caused a scene, only everyone thought she was some random drunk woman, and not the goofy, famous musician she is.

I guess if I were really, really out of touch, I could see myself thinking Wow, someone should take this woman making eyes at the camera home. But it's HAIM!

It's kind of like watching SNL with my mom and having her ask 13 times within 30 minutes who this Jacob Sartorius character is. Millie's boyfriend mom, duh. They're basically IG official.

Though if anything, this video going viral will only draw positive attention to the band, since their whole shtick is being ~weird~ and not caring anyway.

Seriously, have you seen their 4 minute long music video where all they do it walk down a street in mom pants and dance like nobody ever told them they shouldn't? What characters.


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