We finally know what Kylie’s baby looks like


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We finally know what Kylie’s baby looks like

Bet she’ll have her mom’s snatched waist

Ever since Kylie gave birth, it's like I lost a hobby. I know Stormi isn't my baby, and I wasn't physically pregnant or anything, but in a way I think I was, mentally.

I combed through the To Our Daughter video for an entire weekend, but as soon as Ky went back into hiding, I felt like something was taken away from me. And that something was my child. So yeah, any time I hear even the smallest shred of an updates about Stormi, I stop what I'm doing — showering, masturbating — and alert all my friend in the group chat. That's you. This is my groupchat.

You'll be glad to hear, in today's news, we got some info about what Kylie's little girl looks like.

When asked by a fan she responded on Twitter

Despite being quiet on social media since the birth, when a fan asked Kylie how the three week old baby is doing, she replied, "She’s good 😊 still staring at her all day. she looks just like me when i was a baby 😊."

And since we know what Kylie looked like as a baby, we can assume Stormi might grow up to look a lot like her, also. Or at least before all of the body mods.

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But that doesn't mean she won't opt for them anyway. With a mom like Kylie, the sky is probably the limit in terms of how you're allowed to experiment.


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