Your weekly horoscopes are here, and they’re all about channeling your inner cool girl


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and they’re all about channeling your inner cool girl

Here’s how to do less

Part of me feels like February raced by and the other part of me is wondering how I've managed to fuck up so many things in such a short amount of time. In under a month, I've scared off four dates, drunkenly purchased a cat, and lost two credit cards. But at least I'm having fun?

But luckily, the full moon in Virgo this week is here to help us channel our inner "cool girl." I think I lost her somewhere along the way. Here's everything the stars have in store for you this week, with illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


You're exhausted, aren't you? It's like no matter how many vitamins you take, how many green juices you chug or how many face masks you slather on, you feel like you've woken up with a hangover and three hours of sleep in someone else's bed. But the new month will work wonders for you, signaling a fresh start and allowing you to choose what, and who, to leave in February. The best way to rebrand yourself is by getting rid of the people who are ruining your brand in the first place. Settle down with some hot tea and delete every toxic person from your FB, Twitter and IG. Who better to leave in the past?


A full moon occurs in Virgo Thursday, which means you only have to hang on a tiny bit longer, little bull. You've been putting in work these past few weeks, but it feels like nobody's recognizing you for it, and that's bullshit. On Thursday, all of your work will come to a head, meaning someone important will finally take note. Just make sure to act chill about it. There's nothing cooler than someone who's smart and funny but acts like they don't know it. Don't let the beginning of this week get you down. The harder you push, the greater the outcome — and March is looking like it's already your month.


The full moon in Virgo this Thursday will be an emotional time for you romantically. You've been trying to distract yourself from someone lately, but you can't run forever no matter how anxious you are over it. Sometimes the only way to hear the answer is to ask the question in the first place. There's nothing more dgaf than laying it all out there for someone even if it doesn't feel like it. Taking charge of things romantically can be nerve-wracking, but also . . . really hot?


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Need a bit more caffeine? No offense, but I can see those eye bags from a mile away. The full moon in Virgo this Thursday will bring with it some time to rest, which you haven't done in a while, and allow you to restructure your calendar so you're spending a bit more time taking care of yourself and less time partying. Chill girls don't go out all the time. How do you think they look the way they do? You're burning yourself out and it's kind of noticeable. Even concealer can't hide that. I dare you to be in bed by 10 every single night this week. You'll see a world of a difference.


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Feeling more emotional than usual? You can blame it on the full moon in Virgo this Thursday. So things aren't going exactly the way you want them to romantically, but that's not entirely anyone else's fault. You carry some of the blame, too. Just because you think someone should know why you're upset with them doesn't mean they do. I know it's easier to stay guarded, but work on opening up this week before you scare off the person you want most. There's nothing chill about hiding — it actually makes it seem like you care more.


There's a full moon in your sign this week, which means a complete makeover for you and your life. Sick! There's nothing better than a fresh start, and you could really use one right about now. No more lusting after people who aren't half as good as you — they lust after you now. No more self-loathing or staying in because you're too anxious to go out. Thursday will bring a whole new glow to you, and there's nothing anyone can say or do to take it away, so stir up whatever drama you like, because you already know you'll win.


This week you'll learn that expressing your emotions is more powerful than holding onto them. Notorious for your balance and rational insight, people forget your emotions affect you as much as — if not more than — everyone else. And lately you've been feeling nostalgic and sad. Maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's the fact you won't stop listening to that one damn song, but this Thursday, with the full moon in Virgo, you won't be able to help but let loose. Go out, drink beer and let yourself do something you usually wouldn't. That person you've been keeping a secret from for so long? Tell them about it.


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Little Miss Always Right, you've been slightly more irritable than usual this past week. Some of it's the pressure of adulthood resting on your shoulders and some of it's just because people's opinions have been rubbing you the wrong way. But on Thursday, with the new moon in Virgo, people will begin to understand you more clearly. Sometimes you just get there a bit faster than everyone else. Use your free time as actual free time this week, you workaholic — there's no need to get ahead. But you could use a nap. You're looking a bit disheveled.


Happy Monday, little archer! Feeling stressed yet? You probably know this, but one of your biggest issues is that you stress yourself out over perfection more than anyone and there's nothing less cool than that. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be the best at everything, but I have a secret: it's not possible. Why not just be the best at a few things? As such an intelligent sign, you have so much to offer but you forget that and worry about your shortcomings instead. We all have them, but the full moon in Virgo this Thursday would be a good time for you to let some of them go.


A light will suddenly turn on this week and you'll feel this fog you've been walking around in drift away. With a full moon in Virgo on Thursday, an air of "illumination" will enter your life, leaving you more vibrant, energetic and funny than you've felt in months. Schedule some plans this weekend, because you'll be more anxious for social engagements than ever. Perhaps even toss a date into the cards? With illumination comes intrigue, and your light will be shining at the center of everything this week. Good luck keeping them away.


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As far as months go, February wasn't the best — but it wasn't the worst either. It kind of just happened to you, and you're ready to get on with the real stuff. Luckily, the full moon in Virgo on Thursday signifies a sharp new energy for you, ushering in a month of vibrancy and lit-ness. You'll be going to shows, celebrating with friends and feeling more you than you have in months. In a way, it's kind of like summer is coming early this year, only summer is you, and everybody else wants a slice of it.


Hey, you emotional love mess. How are you hanging in there? It's been a long month and you could use some reassurance and a hug right about now. But you know what's just as good? A nap, a shower and then a glass of rosé cider with some friends. You feel like someone is selling you short right now in terms of romance, and they probably are. But moping around on your own won't get to them, it'll just make you look lame. Go out with your friends and let them know you still put yourself first. Nothing drives men crazier.


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