I just learned how often you should wash your bra. I also just learned that we’re all filthy animals


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I just learned how often you should wash your bra. I also just learned that we’re all filthy animals

Wash it now! Or burn it!

My mom made sure I never had sex by buying me the ugliest black, white and nude-colored bras designed specially for women over 60. Love you, mom.

However, in the midst of making sure I was killing teenage boners left and right, I never knew when it was actually time to throw them in the wash. But now I know I’ve been a dirty human being for longer than I thought. Here's how you actually should wash your bras.

Bras are not like jeans

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Bras are usually made out of much thinner (and flimsier) material than jeans. I mean we are talking lingerie here. Denim is a much thicker fabric and you don’t want to wash them too much or you'lll wash out the dye.

The fact that I guess jeans don’t absorb the same amount of stink as your expensive-ass slingshots, makes them okay to clean once in a blue moon. However, you can't apply that science to your bras because they aren't made out of the same material. Hence the invention of t-shirt bras.

You’re supposed to wash them every 2-3 wears. Yeah, I said wears, not weeks

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But you and I both know you’ve been wearing your favorite lacy bra unwashed since the day you bought it. In fact, I would bet every dollar I've ever made that you can’t even remember the last time you washed your go-to-hoe bra.

The thing about cleaning bras is that their durability is on a case-by-case basis. Depending on how much you sweat or stink daily, the more frequently you need to throw down some extra cash on that Downey detergent.

Bras are actually not even supposed to be machine-washed at all. But who the hell has time for hand-washing?

You'll probably still keep the same 3 bras in your rotation

No matter what you do with your bras, you’ve probably only got three sacred ones that you rock every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We left out Tuesday and Thursday because, we already know you've reserved those days for wearing only your nipples.


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