If you’re not going down on her every time you have sex, she should dump you


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If you’re not going down on her every time you have sex, she should dump you

Even if she isn’t going down on you

Going down on a girl you're seeing shouldn't be something you do when you're drunk enough to talk talk yourself into it, it shouldn't be something you do because she's gone down on you first, it should't be something you only do on her birthday, and it definitely shouldn't be something you do to reward her or make amends when you've fucked up.

I don't know when finishing became a prize, but I do know if one person's getting a prize and winning every time you have sex and the other person isn't, you shouldn't even be allowed to play in the same league anymore.

If you're getting off, she's probably not

I don't know how many more stats you need to understand girls need foreplay and clitoral stimulation to finish, but maybe you'll listen if it from the fingers of a real girl instead: I have never finished from a quickie. I have never finished from penetrative sex that incorporated no other, more intimate, aspects. And even when those things are included, a lot of us still don't finish a lot of the time

The only surefire way to make sure the girl you're sleeping with is going to make it to the finish line by the same time as you is by going down on her every single time.

Women are twice as likely to go down on partners, and only half as likely to get pleasure from it.

She's faking it — sorry, it's true

You're probably firing up your keyboard, ready to comment something like, "but my girlfriend finishes every time — even when I don't go down on her," so I have some news for you: your girlfriend is lying to your face.

No girl doesn't want you to go down on her. No girl would rather get straight to business. In fact, if I had to choose between a dick or a tongue for the rest of my life, I'd choose a tongue and so would almost every other girl I know.

If you don't please her, somebody else will

There are plenty of guys willing to "take one for the team" and go down on that poor girl you're seeing even when she doesn't want to go down on him. So if you're incapable of committing, let her walk to that somebody else can.

It doesn't matter if she never goes down on you. You're going to finish either way. She won't.