The ‘landkini’ is the spring trend you’ll see all over Instagram, and it’s actually pretty cute


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The ‘landkini’ is the spring trend you’ll see all over Instagram, and it’s actually pretty cute

No, it’s not just an everyday bikini

So far, we've seen lots of scary trends in 2018. There's colored mascara. And spandex. There's even animal appliques. But I am here to tell you that the "landkini" isn't as scary as it sounds. I'm not making you walk around in cotton thongs under sheer dresses or wear triangle bras with sarongs as your next nice dinner look.

Actually, the landkini might be your favorite thing about this god-forsaken year thus far. Allow me to explain:

The landkini is an elevated jumpsuit, romper, or dress

Of various silhouettes, I might add.

That instantly makes you look hotter by showing a lil strip of skin

Didn't middle school teach you anything?! The more skin, the better.

Some people call them "two-piece sets." But those people are boring. And also, there are two-piece sets of EVERYTHING! Underwear, actual bathing suits, pizza, etc. We are talking about a specific LEWK here. Not a generic clothing type label.

The boho style basically makes looking like the beach trendy

Like, look at this sunny, yellow dress from Forever 21:

Or this one:

Or this set from American Eagle:

Some popular styles include florals…

I know, I know. Florals for spring, groundbreaking. But it's still one of the hottest trends of the season on its own.

Like this one from Lulu's:

Or this one from Tobi:

And stripes!

Which elongate EVERYONE, you're welcome.

Like this one from Urban:

Or this one:

This one from Tobi screams fun:

While this jumpsuit from Lulu's is more chic:

While it's fun and beach-y by day, you can also dress it up with nice materials and solids

The best thing about the trend, IMO.

This jumpsuit set from Tobi is easy clubbing material:

And this set is fancy enough to transition from frozen drinks by the water to a nice dinner:

Excuse me while I spend, like, a million dollars on this trend. A little bit of belly is in, bitches!