Every wonderfully wild thing you’ll understand if you’re in one of those girls only groups on Facebook


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Every wonderfully wild thing you’ll understand if you’re in one of those girls only groups on Facebook

These messy bitches feel like friends

Girls groups are the tumblr feeds of 2018. They're girls posting memes, asking very personal questions, and spilling allll their tea. They're supportive spots to find online friends or just read IRL stories.

If you aren't in a girls group on Facebook, you need to hop in one right now. But if you are in one, or if you're addicted to joining them like me, here's all the things you know about the messy bitches all over your TL:

They all know way more about skincare than you

I swear to god, there's a girl with every skin problem EVER in this group. And she's resolved it, ofc.

They also know way more about makeup than you

I dare you to post a question about eyeshadow palettes or nude lip colors in a girls group. You'll have to turn off your Facebook notifications.

Everyone has a man who's not their man but is still their man

You feel way less alone seeing all of those screenshots from fuckboys who literally do not have a single clue in their body.

Selfie threads are the most empowering thing… ever

You know exactly what threads I'm talking about. It's even better if they're nude threads.

There's always a girl with marriage issues

You could be in a High School girls group, and there's still a girl who is an unhappy wifey. You feel sad for her, but you're also like "get a divorce, bitch!" Then again, you're an actual CHILD with zero experience, so what do you know?

There's no better place to get brutally honest fashion advice

If you post a screenshot of my ugly shopping cart before clicking 'buy,' everyone will tell you to come to my senses.

Snapchat conversations never mean ANYTHING good

Seriously, if a man is texting you in Snapchat, dump him. We've all seen enough evidence in these groups that he's a POS.

There's a million places to buy a bikini that you've never heard of before

But don't worry, someone in your girls group knows them all. I've never saved so much money.

Girls are just out there trying to better themselves

A trait most men just don't have. Everyone is always asking how to be a better them, and it's honestly inspiring.

These bitches would read a novel just to give you advice

Some of these girls don't have a life, but we really appreciate it.

Girls in Facebook groups can really feel like friends

You know you're in a good girls group when you can post a story and get advice without being judged. Or when you see profile pictures you're starting to recognize.

Girls groups are really the new thing on social media. Fuck a timeline, you guys are honestly more supportive than most of my crusty friends and family. And I love you for it. Cyber sisters.

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