Every warning that screams you’re about to get ghosted


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Every warning that screams you’re about to get ghosted

All signs say ‘bye, boo’

Fun fact: you're more likely to stop receiving texts from someone you like if you just say "hi."

However, for those of you with a touch of substance, I've got a whole playbook that I look to for signs that you're getting ghosted, and hopefully after reading this, you'll be able to spot when gonna' get Caspered.

The've stopped watching your Instastories

There are always specific people who you can rely on to give you those views, and the person with the best pullout game should be giving your page the most love.

Once you notice that your videos are only being seen by your best friends, cat people and those fake accounts that probe you for money for followers, drop him.

Your phone convos all of a sudden die out

If you start to notice that those 5-hour over the phone convos are starting to dim down, it's because they're about to dip on your ass.

Don't start getting upset and argue them after the fact that you've been ghosted, because this was the warning sign that they're not feeling you or your vibe anymore.

They choose to literally Netflix & chill at home… without you

Whoever you’re dating (or just ‘hanging out’ with), there will be a time when they just don’t feel like getting up and out of bed for you and you should fear for your sanity.

At first, you won’t think anything of it and you’ll excuse it as everyday laziness, but really think about it. You easily could’ve dragged your ass to their house to chill with them. It’s a clear ass sign they’re done with you and you’re about to get the ax.

They send you one syllable text messages

How much or how little is said in a text speaks volumes about when you’re ghosting ceremony is about to commence.

Those long paragraphs that were once hyping you the fuck up resort to one-syllable phrases like 'cool,' 'sup' or 'dope.'

You've routinely become the first one to reach out

I already hate being the first one to send the ‘wyd’ text because I don’t want to paint myself as a thirsty thot. I have that saved for my Snapchat fans.

However, if you’re beginning to feel like a nag or bothersome, then it should come as no surprise that your texts from them have been plummeting and will continue on that decline.

Not a single one of their friends has met you

Meeting their friends used to be a huge leap in your relationship — that’s not the case if you’re about to get ghosted. You’re basically not even situationship status if you haven’t yet met the squad, and you ain’t gonna.

Don’t even waste your breath asking when you’re going to meet them. He or she hasn’t even made mention of your Twitter handle.

They’ve stopped asking for nudes

Red alert hoe! They’re dropping you harder than Nicki Minaj’s ass mishap.

You’re deluded if you think your hookup suddenly cares more about your brains than your breasts. Your relationship is practically a remote job position, so they’re always looking forward to the hard work you put in to contort yourself.

Hopefully by now you can predict when your dumper is ready to dump all over you and your heart, and you can be the one to ghost first before their next text even goes through.

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