ASOS is selling a bathing suit that ‘can’t be worn in water’ and people are ACTUALLY buying it


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ASOS is selling a bathing suit that ‘can’t be worn in water’ and people are ACTUALLY buying it

What’s that phrase about a sucker being born every minute?

There are some stores that we just keep going back to, time after time, despite knowledge we shouldn't. Like Forever21. Do we feel good shopping there? Absolutely not. Will we ever stop? Not even when we're 32. And ASOS just so happens to be one of those stores.

Some of their fuck-ups have been way worse than others — like they time they were forced to remove a picture of white make-up on a black model’s skin, or the time they had to to apologize after selling a South Asian headpiece, known as a maang tikka, under the description of “Faux Pearl Chandelier Hair Clip.”

Well in today's trippy ASOS news, I'm glad to announce they're not being accused of overt racism, but they are doing something else that's pretty weird.

They're selling a one-piece bathing suit that 'Cannot be worn in water'

Writer Amna Saleem noticed the concerning product details earlier this week before tweeting out a screenshot with the caption, "Can someone explain to Asos how swimsuits work pls?"

Somehow it still turned into making fun of women

'For women more concerned about looking like they enjoy the beach than actually enjoying it'

'Wearing white swimming never ends well'

'I guess they made it for those sweet Insta pics'

'I think you photoshop water behind yourself'

'Posing for Instagram photos like a dickhead doesn't have to involve getting wet'

Apparently they aren't the only ones selling non-swimmable swimwear

I guess it’s so you can’t sue them incase something fails in the water. But I'm not going to sit here and lie to you — I still considered buying it.