Here’s how to avoid the annoying couples who are getting engaged on your TLs


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Here’s how to avoid the annoying couples who are getting engaged on your TLs

Without unfriending or unfollowing

There's nothing worse than laying in your bed, your most holy safe place, on a Sunday morning after a long night out and seeing a grainy engagement pic pop up on your Instagram feed. Like, my head is hurting and I'm really regretting whatever I did last night, I don't need to see two people figuring out the rest of their lives with undying support!

But it's not just Sunday mornings when my "friends" are getting engaged. It's all the damn time. A girl from my middle school gets a rock every other week and I always manage to scroll past in my innocent search for Tasty videos.

So, like the problem-solver I am, I went in search for a solution. And I found a few pretty quick. Here's how to avoid engagement posts on your timelines without unfriending or unfollowing anyone. Because after all, you're going to need to cackle over those baby posts next time you get wasted with your High School BFFs.

There's an app for that

If you don't mind taking up some of the precious space on your phone, it's easy to block content you don't want to see with one quick download. There's an app called Friendly for Facebook that lets you filter posts on your newsfeed by keyword. It works for Facebook and Instagram in one swoop. Sweet.

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I would suggest filtering out words like "engaged," "married," "said yes," or "my best friend." Just some casual suggestions, you know? Not something I see in every Facebook post about engagement ever.

Or if you're old-fashioned, a plug-in

Listen, I have friends who will, like, ONLY look at Facebook on a computer because they don't want it encroaching on all their down time. And if even during your infrequent visits to FB you don't want to see engagements, the Chrome plug-in Social Fixer can hook you up.

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Like Friendly, you can filter out posts by keywords. Basically any basic-ass engagement language will do.

Say you just hate this ONE COUPLE but you want to stay friends with them so you can creep every once in a while

On Facebook, you can "unfollow" someone without unfriending them. When you do that, you won't see their posts in your feed but you can still visit their page. Go to their profile and find the "following" button, then just click "unfollow."

Here's what it looks like in the app:

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And here's what it looks like on the desktop:

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On Instagram, it's basically impossible to mute an individual account unless your phone is jailbroken. But you can mute Instagram stories

At the top of the feed, tap and hold the profile picture of the person you'd like to mute. Then, you guessed it, select mute.

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I would NEVER mute Kylie Jenner

If you're really passionate about not seeing someone's content on Insta, you can clear your cache and just never engage with the hated couple's content again. Honestly, I'd do anything to avoid another binge-drink inducing "best friend turned hubby" post.

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