We investigated those shady online clothing stores, and here are the ones worth your time


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We investigated those shady online clothing stores, and here are the ones worth your time

Which ones are a scam, and which ones will really deliver you a cute $7 dress

Like most shoppers out there, I am a cheap bitch. But I feel like I kinda take it to a new level. I'm the type of girl who still solely stocks up on makeup at Walgreens. I will bring clothes back to stores if they go on sale to get $3 back. I will invest hours into finding Urban Outfitters dupes online.

But one thing I've always been too scared to do is order from a cheap online store. I guess I'm kinda like a baby. If something isn't in front of me, I'm scared it doesn't exist. Like, is Shein.com legit? Are you trying to tell me I should consider something called Romwe.com credible?

The Romwe homepage

But when I was talking to a friend who never shops IRL and looks beautiful 24/7, I decided I should try out this whole discount shopping thing. But first, I needed to do some research. And this is what I figured out. If I figured anything out. I don't know. People have conflicting feels on a lot of this.


SheIn is a legit company that won't steal from you or something, but product quality is definitely hit or miss. Some Reddit users recount having pieces from SheIn that last years, while others say clothes fall apart after a wash or two. Apparently, the clothes don't always look exactly like the pictures, either.

In a post examining whether Shein is a scam, one blogger suggests ordering pieces you see on influencers or friends rather than based on the website photos. She also suggests taking exact measurements of yourself and using the size chart, because the site uses Asian sizes. These are especially useful tips because returns are difficult to make, often requiring email exchanges and a shipping fee.

Overall, customers think SheIn has fast shipping and pretty ok quality clothes, especially if you know exactly what product you're getting after ordering off Instagram. You definitely get what you paid for, but I hope you like how it fits!


street-fashion. shop link in bio. (sku: rswe171106162) #sweatshirt

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Romwe seems to be one of the more divisive online retailers. One Reddit user compares it to Forever 21 in quality, saying the pieces are cute and trendy but don't last forever. While people seem to enjoy the products, they often run small and there are no product reviews on the site to base your order on — and the fact that you need to pay for returns makes this doubly frustrating. Shipping is advertised as taking 6-10 business days, but some blogs say it takes weeks to receive your order.

Romwe won't steal your money and you get what you paid (hardly any money) for. Buttttt, you might have to wait a little while for it.


Do you like floral long dress? https://goo.gl/Avob1v #mmcstyle #makemechic

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MakeMeChic has fine products…according to the people who actually received them. The site has only a two-star star rating on TrustPilot, a company review site, because people claim the site doesn't even ship orders until a complaint is filed. They also say clothes run very small. The Better Business Bureau gave the company a D+ for its failure to resolve customer complaints — and specifically, for violating return policies.

Still, some customers claim they love the products they've received and that they're fine quality. I guess it's a risk that could pay off? If you're really set on a MakeMeChic product, I would suggest ordering through Amazon, who will ensure your package gets to you. And don't expect to get your money back if you don't like what you order. Give it to your little cousin or something.


Wish.com sells discounted items for incredibly cheap prices. However, some customers claim the high shipping costs ruin the low prices. Others complain that the orders take forever and that there's basically no customer service, making returns difficult. The products are cheap (duh), so some people were upset with their quality. The site seem good for buying cheap little things or things that can't be fucked up, like phone chargers or nail clippers. And the Better Business Bureau gives it an A, so they can't screw you over too bad.

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