Why does Reddit refuse to ban this pro-rape site that hates women and praises Hitler?


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Why does Reddit refuse to ban this pro-rape site that hates women and praises Hitler?

r/Braincels has posts fantasizing about rape and encouraging suicide

One of the vilest sites on the internet, where men discuss raping women, is operating with impunity – and the administrators aren't taking it down.

It's a subreddit called r/Braincels, and it's where the most violent misogynists on the internet gather to describe their fantasies of rape, call underage girls "sluts who need to be exposed" and praise Hitler as "awesome."

R/Braincels is an extremely active part of the "incel" community, which stands for "involuntary celibate" – men who blame women for their lack of sex. It's an offshoot of the r/Incels forum, which was banned by Reddit a few months back for inciting violence against women.

Which begs the question – how is r/Braincels, which has over 10,000 subscribers who posts hundreds of times a day, allowed to stay up? It's not like it's hard to find posts that are every bit as bad as those from the banned forums.

'Ffs bitch, you have taken so many dicks, why not do an incel a favor too?'

Above is a typical post entitled "The thing I hate the most about sluts." The user describes his frustration that women will sleep with other men but not him. "I hate it when women brag about fucking many guys but they still refuse to fuck us," he writes, demanding that women submit to sex with him. "Ffs bitch, you have taken so many dicks, why not do an incel a favor too?"

This is a running theme of the incel community – that men should be allowed to rape women because they want to. A lot of posts, like this one, fantasize about how "incels need sex" and should be allowed to force women into sex.

Another post praised Hitler for being an incel role model. "Hitler had a GF," he writes. "His personality was awesome. All incels should follow his footsteps."

'All incels should follow Hitler's footsteps'

Another shows a screenshot of a conversation he had with a 15-year-old girl and explains how despite her age, he wanted to "expose a slut." A user agrees underneath and writes: "Fucking whore."

"Why is OK to punch Nazis and not OK to punch women?" asks one post. He goes on to say: "Nazis and women both believe in Eugenics; it's just that women don't have the balls to admit it. Nazis want Jews, blacks, gays, etc. to go away. Women want ugly men to go away. I fail to see how one ideology is worse than the other."

One user who posted yesterday claims to have been on the verge of suicide because women won't have sex with him. A moderator encourages him and writes: "If you've done it, you could at least have pride in the fact that were brave enough to go through. I hope you found your happiness at last, if not here on earth, then somewhere."

It wasn't hard to find these – there are literally thousands of posts that discuss why women shouldn't have the right to vote, or how Jews are the enemy of America, or why women are literally cancer, or why women should "suffer" if they talk about cute guys, or why men should be allowed to rape women. You get the idea.

So how is this forum allowed to stay up? Reddit banned r/incels because it violated their policy of inciting violence. A post on a typical r/braincels post reads: "Bitches are nothing but natural born psychopaths. They are pure and utter evil, who have no thoughts or feelings and should be seen as the malevolent creatures they truly are." Wouldn't you call that inciting violence?

Speaking to babe, a Reddit spokesperson declined to comment, and said they wouldn't clarify if the subreddit would be banned or not. Which means r/braincels is free to stay online, and discuss topics like "sexual assault is a social construct."

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