I tried this subscription box designed for hotter sex, and I’ve never felt so liberated

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I tried this subscription box designed for hotter sex, and I’ve never felt so liberated

Sorry to my exes, but I’m a sex goddess now

Written by Amanda Ross

I’m a professional (lol) writer, which means I’m designed to talk a good game. Tinder chats are so easy I could do it blindfolded (I really could, I’ve got iPhone keyboard muscle memory), first dates are just an exercise in how much I can talk about myself and get away with it, and sexting is kiiind of my god-given gift.

But I’ll be the first to admit I’m all talk and no action.

You wouldn’t call me sexually repressed, per se, but you wouldn’t have me on speed dial for a good time. Which is why when I had the opportunity to try The KinkKit, a quarterly subscription box all about exploring your sexuality, I was kind of mesmerized. And now, I’m pretty sure I could teach a class on this shit.

Every three months The KinkKit sends a box designed around a specific sensual experience

Honestly, my ~kink experience~ begins with a 50 Shades of Grey viewing and an occasional slap on the ass, so opening the decadently-draped KinkKit was fun and exhilarating and kind of scary???

Imagine this sexy box arriving every three months! The KinkKit makes checking the mail a whole lot more…..exciting

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This quarter’s KinkKit was all about senses, heightening arousal, and foreplay, so the dark box was filled with tools, toys, and games for a foray into some sensual touching — along with detailed instructions and activity cards so thank god for that.

We all know foreplay can be better than the main event, and my KinkKit was filled with things to skyrocket that oh-my-god-this-is-happening! to heights I don’t think I’ve reached since I was 17 and getting pawed in the front seat of my boyfriend’s truck.

If you’ll remember from elementary school days or any superhero movie featuring a disability (so like, all of them), when you cut off one sense, the rest get stronger. And that’s true for sex, too. Blindfolds and restraints mean your sense of taste and touch heighten to sexy proportions, and that’s the idea behind this quarter’s KinkKit.

This time The KinkKit was ALL about sensory deprivation! Each quarter a box arrives and contains activity cards along with fun toys to try out with your partner. There’s even step-by-step instruction cards so you and your partner can talk through different experiences together.

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Just a few of the ~treats~ I unboxed with KinkKit

Included in the kit were silk restraints and matching blindfold, rose petals for you aesthetic hoes, ice-cold pleasure beads, Smarties (it literally feels insane on your tongue when you can’t see), earplugs, a full vibrator, and this intimidating little wheel thing called the Lil Devil.

I mean, look at it:

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Mouse was shook

The KinkKit is all about emotional intimacy alongside sexual openness

Communication is their whole thing at The KinkKit, which was truly comforting to know in light of unboxing that Lil Devil.

Full disclosure, but after a very frank talk with my man who’s not my man but is still my man about proper boundaries (our safe word is octopus, if you absolutely must know), it’s my favorite thing for spine-tinglingness! It was so good, I just invented a new word there for you guys.

But it took some very honest communication to get there. Here’s where we started I texted my man who’s not my man but is still kind of my man, and was a little shaken by his reaction:

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See? Communication. Without proper communication, how was I supposed to know that only I should wield the skin-tingly power of the Lil Devil? After firmly asserting that the Lil Devil is staying above my Lil Waist, I had him come over and we got to work going through The KinkKit.

If you’re too scared to bring up your sex fantasies, The KinkKit starts the convo for you

Do you know how long it took me to tell the person I’d been dating for eight months exactly what I want in bed? You guessed it! Eight months! It took me ages, and I’m one of the more loud-mouthed bitches I know. The KinkKit really just does it for you, though. I mean, if a box of themed sex toys just arrives at your house every three months (discreet packaging, obvssss), what choice do you have than to be like, “Ooh, should we try this?” If you’ve been dying to try something (or someone, no judgements!) new, then The KinkKit is basically the perfect opening lines all wrapped up with a red satin bow.

The KinkKit provides detailed activity cards with instructions so you and your partner can have a step-by-step sexual journey together!

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Not to sound dramatic, but I think The KinkKit might have just changed my sex life forever…?

Let’s be real: I’m not even 25 yet, and there’s a lot of sexual territory I have yet to explore. But I’ve also been dating the same person for eight months, and even as um, young and robust as we are, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of the same three positions and a good night kiss. Part of The KinkKit’s whole mission is to make every night feel like a special night.

And even though we were just trying it out on a random Sunday, it did feel pretty fucking special.

The KinkKit’s main mission is to get people talking with their partners about what they like in bed. Communication is the key to mind-blowing sex. Find out more about The KinkKit and get 10% off with the code “KINKYBABE.”

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