Ed Westwick accused of imprisoning and sexually torturing a woman during a two-day ordeal


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Ed Westwick accused of imprisoning and sexually torturing a woman during a two-day ordeal

He is accused in a lawsuit of being a ‘monstrous serial rapist’

Ed Westwick has been named by a fourth woman in a disturbing lawsuit that claims he held her captive for two days and raped her. According to court documents revealed today, the Gossip Girl actor repeatedly raped a 20-year-old stylist in 2014 at his Hollywood home.

Haley Camille Freedman, a stylist in Los Angeles, accused Westwick, 30, of raping her in a brutal ordeal. The lawsuit says Westwick attacked her again and again in his mansion and did not allow her to leave.

The details in her lawsuit from the two-day period when Westwick raped her are grim. Lawyers described Westwick as "monstrous" and an "abusive, crazed alcoholic" who invited Freedman back to his Hollywood mansion when he met her during a night out on August 5th 2014.

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Ed Westwick

They had consensual sex in his bedroom, when Westwick reportedly became "violent and aggressive," ordering Freedman to strangle, slap and spit on him.

"When Freedman declined," the lawsuit claims, "he put his hands around her neck and slapping her and strangling her against her will."

Westwick is accused of wanting to penetrate Freedman anally, which she refused. He is said to have digitally penetrated her anyway, holding her down.

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She wanted to leave, the lawsuit says, but was unable to use her phone due to poor reception. "He assured her that he would drive her back to her car – eventually," the court documents add.

They add:

"First though, Westwick wanted more sex with Freedman. Freedman declined and asked to use the shower instead. Westwick allowed her to use the shower, but soon came after her and began sexually interacting with Freedman, again, over her objections.

"But the more Freedman displayed and expressed that she did not want more sex with Westwick, the more aroused he became, pushing forward to take Freedman, even though he clearly knew she did not want any more sex with him.

"After the shower, Freedman, upset and frightened, dressed and asked to leave. Westwick again told her that when he was ready, he would take Freedman to her vehicle. But he didn't, and instead became more frightening, disturbing and angry, the more Freedman talked about wanting to leave.

"Westwick insisted on more intercourse with Freedman, who clearly expressed that she did not want any more sex but wanted to leave. Westwick ignored her, removing her clothing and taking her sexually anyway."

This went on for two days, the lawsuit says, while he denied her the use of a phone and WiFi.

It was only on August 7th – two days later – that Westwick finally drove Freedman back to her car. At an OBGYN appointment five days later, the lawsuit says, she was still "physically bruised, bleeding and internally torn and infected in her genital area."

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While Westwick is named as a rapist in the court documents released today, and first published by the Daily Mail, he is not the subject of Freedman's lawsuit. She is suing her former business partners, who Freedman claims cut her off when she wanted to announce the allegations of Westwick's sexual misconduct.

Freedman is the fourth woman to accuse Westwick, who has not publicly commented on the accusations since the first two women came forward. In an Instagram post at the time, he said: "I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape."

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