Every type of girl you desperately need in your girl gang

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Every type of girl you desperately need in your girl gang

The mom of my group saves my life on the reg

A girl gang is a life-sustaining force. And no, I don't think I'm exaggerating all that much. Like it's Friday at 3pm and the only thing keeping me from slamming my head into my desk is the happy hour plans I've got with the girls.

When one member of the squad is missing, everything feels off somehow. So whether you've just moved to a new town and are in need of a new group of gals to meet up with or you're looking to expand your already fabulous social circle, Hey! VINA could be the answer! It's an app where you get to swipe for new friends instead of weird guys that end up in your Insta DMs. In honor of International Women's Day and every member of your squad, we're shouting out all the key players in every girl gang.

The 'It' Girl

She's beauty and she's grace…..and you can't even hate her! You're constantly drooling over her perfectly curated Instagram, precious bf, and not to mention her kickass job. She's an absolute gem of a human and you aren't even that jealous of her. (Okay you're a little jealous, but like in an aspirational way…mostly.)

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The Wild Card

She doesn't always show up on time, but when she finally arrives you know you're just gonna have a night. She'll take you to bars you've never heard, but instantly become your fav. You'll both have incredible hookups, but ultimately ghost the guys because you're having too much fun together. Sadly, you won't hear from her for six months after that, but it's all part of her charm. Everyone loves having that one friend you can DM for drinks whenever and she's always down!

Swipe away to find that girl who always knows THE BEST places to grab happy hour drinks on the Hey! VINA app! Join groups to find girls who're obsessed with the same things you are, whether you're a Lit Lover or just want someone to dance the night away with!

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The Joker

Why so serious? This chick will literally light up a room…..and have you on the floor. Her story about commuting to work sounds like a professional stand-up routine. She will send an entire group chat into a hysterical meltdown with just one perfectly placed emoji. You know you'd never get through life without that one girl to crack you up.

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The Mom

Thank god she always makes the dinner reservations for the group! Mom has got the plans on lock. She'll make sure the pre-game ends at a reasonable time and has everyone out the door as the Uber arrives. The entire girl group would stop functioning without her. Really. You guys know you'd never have your shit together. This woman never ceases to amaze you.

Swipe right to find that friend who's always down when you need a low-key girls' night and will arrive with cookie dough in hand!

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The Soulmate

Shhhhh don't tell the rest of the squad, but she's not-so-secretly your favorite. You two get each other on another level and you're pretty much in constant communication (between Snapchat, Instagram, and iMessage). She's your ride-or-die, your other half.

Over dating apps and want to meet some new kickass women? Sign up for the Hey! VINA app! Chat with your matches and arrange a meet-up. You might end up finding the new MVP of your girl group!

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