Ever wanted to eat Kim Kardashian’s ass? Now you can with this million-dollar, life-sized Kim Kake


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Ever wanted to eat Kim Kardashian’s ass? Now you can with this million-dollar, life-sized Kim Kake

A real dream come true

Many have tried to imitate Kim — catch me talking myself down from dyeing my hair pink on a nightly basis — but few can truly succeed in capturing her essence.

Did this British baker accomplish that monumental task when she baked a person-sized Kim Kardashian cake out of Rice Krispies, fondant icing, marshmallows and chocolate? You be the judge.

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This cake makes me nervous. (Adel Hanna/Cover Images)

Baker Debbie Wingham made sure to deck the cake out with all of Kim's assets — not only does this cake have tits and ass (Happy International Women's Day!), Wingham also adorned it with more than $1.6 million of diamond jewelry.

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This cake is richer than I'll ever be. (Adel Hanna/Cover Images)

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The first person who makes a joke about "special icing" is getting BLOCKED. (Adel Hanna/Cover Images)

This isn't the first decadent cake Wingham's baked — she made a cake worth a whopping million dollars for a wedding in Dubai back in February, and she holds the record for world's most expensive cake, which cost $50 million.

The cake isn't actually for Kim — a professional Kim Kardashian lookalike's husband commissioned it for his wife's birthday.

Would I eat this cake? Duh, I'd eat any cake. But do I really think it looks like Kim? Sorry, I'm too busy stuffing my face to answer.

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