No prison time for white freshman who poisoned her black roommate with tampon blood



No prison time for white freshman who poisoned her black roommate with tampon blood

She won’t even have a criminal record

Brianna Brochu, the white freshman who poisoned her black roommate by rubbing tampon blood on her bag and sticking her toothbrush insider her anus, will not face jail time.

Brochu's request for accelerated rehabilitation, a diversionary program that is similar to probation, was approved today. Legal experts have called it a "get out of jail free card."

Brochu, 18, will also have her misdemeanor charges erased if she successfully completes her probation – two years out of trouble and 200 hours of community service. After this, she will not even have a criminal record.

Brianna Brochu

Back in October, Brochu posted on Instagram about tampering with her roommate Chennel Rowe's belongings to make her sick. She bragged about rubbing tampon blood on Rowe's bag, pouring moldy clam dip into her face lotion, spitting in her coconut oil and inserting her toothbrush "where the sun doesn't shine."

She also mocked Rowe's weave and captioned a photo with "this bitch legit bought a box of fucking hair." After Rowe moved out of their dorm for health reasons, Brochu boasted about how she "finally got rid of her roommate," who she called "Jamaican Barbie."

Rowe discovered Snapchat images of Rowe's period blood on her bag, circled in red.

Another Snapchat video obtained by a local Fox News channel showed Brochu unscrewing Rowe's coconut oil, describing how she would later spit in it.

Speaking to babe in December, Rowe said she was still recovering from Brochu's attempts to poison her. She told us how she continued to travel to New York for doctors' appointments well into November.

Rowe told the court today how she was traumatized by what Brochu did, suffering from "acts of hate."

Speaking to the court, Brochu's lawyer apologized on her behalf. "With the consequences she has endured … death threats … she knows she made a mistake," he said.

Brochu was expelled from the University of Hartford and told that she would "not be returning."


Rowe has posted a statement to her Facebook following the court's decision, uploaded here in full.

"Let me make this VERY CLEAR for those who are trying to tell ME I agree with what just went down today. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE DECISION THAT WAS MADE TODAY. She has little to no punishment in my eyes. They requested her to do that program before court today. Today was the day it was granted to her or not. They already let her aware that she qualified for it. My rejections to it wasn’t going to mean anything because she was eligible for it. I had requested she do certain things while the court granted her that request but my requests were denied."

We have contacted Rowe and will update this post if we hear back.

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