I put my real weight in my Tinder bio to see how guys would react


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I put my real weight in my Tinder bio to see how guys would react

Honesty is the best policy, right?

In most arenas, I'm pretty fearless about my body. I know I'm hot, and dedicate a ton of my time to making sure everyone knows it. I even filmed a video for my body positive column on babe, leaving very little to the imagination:

Dating, though, seems to be the final frontier of body positivity. We all know it's easy for people (read: men) to be complete dicks online, especially when it comes to women's appearances.

But fuck it, right? Time for some good old-fashioned experimentation.

I took to Tinder and decided to share a piece of information with men that girls usually wouldn't dare reveal—my real weight.

First, I re-edited my bio to reflect the accurate lbs on me

I started serial swiping right and it came as no surprise to me that there was no one with washboard abs who swiped back.

One guy didn't notice my weight at all

I'm not totally surprised my weight went unnoticed by this guy. He wasn't from any of these shallow 50 states nor did he speak English very well, so weight wasn't a main concern for him. I guess just being a human was enough for him to be interested. Go figure!

Another guy called me juicy…?

I not sure if his comment on lifting was supposed to be reassuring or straight-up bragging, but it wasn't a blatant insult like I was prepping for when I decided to share my size. Informing me that he was strong enough to carry my fat ass away into the sunset was actually kind of a turn-on, I think.

This guy threw my own words back in my face—and I loved it!

You probably thought there'd be a fat-shamer coming your way, but nope! Moe is a real standup guy who likes "bigger girls." When I questioned his sanity, he threw a snarky (but ultimately sweet) comment back in my face.

This dude legit made me blush

This dude Christian was obviously raised right. He laugh-emoji'd at my size and it gave me hope that not all men are shit. I probably should have fished for more compliments to be honest. He definitely seemed ready and willing to cough 'em up.

A guy named Millie was hella into it

I'm thinking of genuinely giving this guy a the opportunity to take down my number. I was already his type before seeing my weight and it didn't faze him one bit. Also, any guy who says he wants to do work can get my digits any day.

…And then another

This dude Faizan gave no fucks about my weight and straight up called me sexy, no ifs ands or buts. This is how all guys should respond to any curvalicious cutie, honestly.

And some guys wanted to try something new

And I genuinely meant that. Most guys are super shallow and want every girl to have Kim K's cinched waistline. And guess what? That's perfectly okay with a lot of people. Not everyone wants the same thing for dessert, and with a thicc chick you'd get more.

This guy was all about preference…and then it got sexual

I've said it before and I'll say it again—one guy's desire is another's indifference. But I regret approving his candidness because it then got awkward not even 5 messages in and he starting waving his insecurities like the LGBTQ+ flag during Pride. Needless to say, I wasn't attracted to him at all.

I felt validated as hell knowing every guy didn't care that I was clinically overweight. If anything, this just confirmed that as long as your face is beat for the gawds and your outfit comes correct, (some) guys will overlook weight and size altogether. Then again, I was way out of their league to begin with.

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