Your weekly horoscopes are here and if you’re feeling anxious, blame it on the moon


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Your weekly horoscopes are here and if you’re feeling anxious, blame it on the moon

It all ends Saturday

With the moon waning this week until the shiny, new moon rolls in on the 17th, the next few days are not about new beginnings. They're about putting wrapping up and finally taking out that trash you'd rather leave in the past.

Dates (especially first dates) are a no-go until this Saturday, since you won't be feeling quite yourself. But that means you have five whole days to work on your skin, yourself and your glow-up. Here's everything the stars have in store for you this week, with illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


This month has been weird for you. It's going so quickly yet so slowly at the same time? And it kind of feels like everything has changed, yet absolutely nothing has changed. But that's because you haven't taken the time to stop, reflect on things, and place yourself in a moment. You're letting the days happen to you instead of deciding what you want to happen in them, and that's how you lose sight of what you want and where you're going. If you're unhappy with the way things are, you're the only one who can change them. Do it before the weekend, and the new moon will feel like a time of rebirth for you.


This week, you're going to have to make the conscious choice to be in a good mood. We all have off weeks, but we are allowed to decide what we want to do about them. With a new moon on Saturday the 17th, this time of confusion is coming to an end and there's a clear path lit ahead of you. But do you really want to enter into this new beginning with a piss-poor attitude? Choosing to be angry, annoyed or upset is way harder than choosing to be in a good mood. It burns more energy and it tires yourself and all the people around you out. You're so charming when you're smiling. You can get anything you want.


Feel like you're simultaneously walking around with your eyes closed while being held under water? Yeah that'll be the waning moon. End of cycles are always tiring, draining times in which we need to make the conscious choice to feel present in out own bodies. Come Saturday, these pressures will leave you and you'll feel like you surfaced for a fresh breath of air. You'll be eager to go out, people will be noticing you more, and you'll be feeling more confident and sexy than you have all month. Buy yourself a cute outfit this week and work on perfecting your skincare routine because you'll want every piece in place come the 17th.


With everything else going on in your messy head, this would be a horrible week for you to make any rash decisions concerning work or relationships. Your sign is controlled by the moon, and right now we're experiencing a waning one which means your head is not where you want it to be. It kind of feels like someone else is puppeteering your every action, and you can't get a grip on the controller again. Come Saturday, a wave of relief will wash over you as you regain control and wake up from this daze you've been walking around in. You're calling the shots again.


I'm going to go ahead and say, for the sake of all of us, please take a deep breath and chill. This has been a really stressful and difficult week for a lot of reasons, but you'll just blame it on the waning moon. You know when you're running and running, and it feels like the finish line is literally never getting any closer? Yeah that's you, but the finish line does exist and it's on Saturday the 17th. The new moon is going to bring good karma to everyone, but to you in particular. It'll be pay-off for all of the hard work you've been putting in in both your professional and your personal relationships. So make a wish and then think about how to make it happen because if anyone is lucky this weekend, it's you.


If it's bothering you so much, why haven't you just told them yet? Something has been weighing on you in a particularly heavy fashion lately, but you haven't gotten up the courage to do anything about it. What I will tell you is that right now would not be the best time to act. But this weekend, with the new moon, is perfect. You'll be the clearest state of mind you've been in in a long time, and you'll know exactly what to say. Confrontation is scary, but so is letting fate control what's going to happen to you in this life. You only get one of them, so make it the one you want.


Hey, moody babe. What's wrong? Why are you being so down on yourself? Is it the waning moon? I bet it is. Luckily, it's only here until Saturday. And in the meantime, there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself feel better. You'd probably rather curl up and ignore the world for a week — but if you do, you'll be left catching up next week while everyone else is getting ahead. Why not get a jump start on them instead? Take your stupid vitamins, drink more water than usual, moisturize regularly and log off of Instagram. All the social media is doing your body more harm than good, and you could use an internet cleanse.


Finally getting a chance to enjoy some of the good bits of life? I love that you've been opening up lately and trying new things, I just wish you did it more regularly. Use these new experiences with people and places to guide you in every other aspect of your life. You're so much more interesting than you allow yourself to be. You spend your time worrying about boys and weight instead of eating amazing food, traveling to cool places, working on your sense of humor and finding new music to like. Fuck 'em if they can't see your worth. Your life isn't going to be about them anymore.


Feeling a bit more fragile than usual? Guess you're more of a moon child than you originally thought. You know you can't control everything, right? So why not let yourself feel those things before letting them go? Just because you're one of the strongest signs in the zodiac doesn't mean you don't have really hard days and weeks, too. It's not your responsibility to carry the insecurities of everyone else all the time — sometimes you have to let them hold it themselves. By this weekend's new moon, you'll be feeling strong and secure again, but that doesn't make the feelings you are feeling right now any less valid. Act on them.


Make up your fucking mind! I don't know if it's the waning moon or something else that's gotten into you this week, but it's like you're more indecisive than ever. Are you going to tell them? Are you not going to tell them? Are you going to make a move? Are you not going to make a move? You can't sit in the in-between forever just because you're afraid of the outcome. What's the wort thing that happens? You realize you should've been expending energy elsewhere instead? Fine. Get to it and let them know what they're missing. As long as you're doing something, you'll be driving someone crazy.


Do not let anybody in on your secrets today. You're feeling vulnerable and kind of unstable — like you want to let someone know what's going on — but you're going to say the wrong thing and end up regretting it later. It's not that the feelings aren't real but with the waning moon, they're amplified and you might be misreading someone else's intentions. By Saturday's new moon, you'll be sure of how you really feel, and able to express yourself to someone in exactly the best words. So plan it out now, just be sure not to hit send.


For everyone else this week might be shit, but you're kind of feeling on top of the world. With the waning moon, the people around you are feeling more emotional than usual and aren't really sure how to handle it. But because you're a literal puddle of emotions all the time, you actually gain energy from things like this. You've learned how to channel these feelings into power and while everyone else is slipping up, this is your best time to get ahead. Do things you wouldn't normally do and say things you wouldn't normally say, because everyone else is a bit too confused to make sense of it. You'll be able to make a name for yourself at the top.