This piece of shit raped a teenage girl, used her phone to record it, and then posted the video to Facebook


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This piece of shit raped a teenage girl, used her phone to record it, and then posted the video to Facebook

He’s human garbage, and then some

Drayton Dwayne Preston, 20, is set to serve a 26-month prison sentence for sexually assaulting a semi-conscious teenage girl multiple times, using her cell phone to record graphic video and take pictures of the assault, and then posting that content to his Facebook page.

Preston assaulted the 17-year-old girl after a night of partying with friends, including his girlfriend and the victim's boyfriend, in July 2016.

Preston removed the screen from the victim's window and broke into her apartment in Calgary, Alberta. She woke up to him having sex with her. An hour later, he assaulted her again — this time while he filmed the attack with her cell phone.

He then posted the videos and photos on his Facebook page and deleted them from her cell phone.

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A picture of Drayton Dwayne Preston taken from Facebook.

According to CBC News, the recording was a minute long and "shows Preston walk up to the victim's bed, remove the blanket and spread her legs, all while her boyfriend is asleep next to her" then proceed to assault her. The pictures Preston posted were nude photos of the victim.

The victim didn't know about the images until the next day, when Preston's girlfriend confronted her, under the impression that the victim had sent the photos to Preston herself.

Many are outraged at the relatively short length of Preston's sentence, given the calculated nature of his actions. This was no drunken mistake or miscommunication — not that we really entertain those excuses, either. This man is a fucking predator.

Even Judge Gord Wong, who presided over Preston's sentencing and also placed the young man on Canada's sex offender registry for the next two decades, seemed to agree.

"You’re not satisfied with committing this sexual offense," Judge Wong said on Tuesday. "You go ahead and use someone else’s phone to take pictures … and then send it back to yourself and post it on Facebook.”

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