EVERYONE is breaking up this spring and you can blame astrology


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EVERYONE is breaking up this spring and you can blame astrology

Hold on to your situationships, everyone

It seems like everyone is breaking up this spring. Think about it! Selena and Justin are on a break after having "internal issues." Zigi — Zayn and Gigi Hadid — broke up and I cried at my desk. Jennifer Aniston and her gross, earring'd husband Justin Theroux called it quits. It seems like something is tearing Hollywood couples apart.

And I swear to god if any Kardashian sister comes next, I will set fire to the Capitol building.

But honestly, I've seen it in my personal life too. Friends everywhere are breaking up with their longtime boyfriends or deciding not to move forward with their winter flings. While I was sad and confused and losing all hope in love, I realized something: This, like all things, is totally written in the stars. And if I were you, I'd hold your fuckbuddy or S.O. close while you read this, because you might be next.

Pisces season breeds breakups, and there's a really simple reason why. Pisces is ruled by internal emotion and intuition. You would think that would be a good thing for love, but in reality, Pisces season wreaks havoc on relationships.

Heightened intuition allows for people in relationships to realize if something won't work out. They start to feel it inside since their senses are turned up all the way. And when a Pisces-level intuition is eating at you, you just can't ignore it. That's why everyone is breaking up — they start to feel like something's off, and they have to react.

Pay attention to what your guy (or girl, or several someones) is up to these days, because they might start realizing things just won't work out between you two. Pay attention to what your heart is saying too. If you have the "ick," you should probably let them go.

After all, Aries season is next up. And that's the best time to be single.

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