We asked guys about their skincare routines and honestly, they need cleansers AND Jesus


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We asked guys about their skincare routines and honestly, they need cleansers AND Jesus

I am absolutely sickened

I was binging Queer Eye on Netflix the other day, and I realized a few things. First, Jonathan is the fab hero we never knew we needed. Have you seen his hair? But also, I had the realization that largely, straight dudes just…don't take care of themselves. Most of the guys on the show didn't cut their hair biweekly, much less keep up with a daily skincare routine.

Skincare — or really any kind of self-care — equals feminine for so many people. But really, what's girly about taking care of yourself? Ask toxic masculinity, I guess. Most girls I know have special serums, shampoos, and all kinds of other shit to look and feel good. And if you're on team hygiene for yourself and not for outward appearances, you think this is a good thing.

We asked guys about their skincare routines to see just how bad this whole "I'm too tough to cleanse" epidemic is. And beware, some of these guys are pretty dusty. Break out of your masculine cage, my good men! I promise it's worth it.

And to our skincare savants, I salute you.


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Matt gives his face a rinse when he's in the shower and moisturizes after he shaves, but he says that's about it. He also does the occasional pore strip when his girlfriend buys them.


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Harry uses water. Sometimes.


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Rob's skin used to be really bad and he was an avid Proactive customer. He says he stopped doing anything to his skin and it cleared up instantly. Now, the only thing that touches his face is a bit of beard oil. "#naturaloilgang"


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Joe washes his face in the shower and cleanses with toner once every few days. He also does the occasional face mask with his girlfriend.


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Matt steals his housemate's soap. He doesn't know what brand it is.


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When I asked Joshi what his skincare routine was, he said "I don't have one." After further investigation, I found he washes his face with soap and water. And he moisturizes after he shaves… sometimes.


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Rob uses moisturizer during the winter and facial scrubs during the summer. He likes Lush facial scrubs. He says being involved with women who have great skin with obsessive skincare routines has raised his awareness of his skincare routine. He says it could be better, but it's definitely not the worst.

We also found a few guys who are pretty into skincare. Here's what they use:


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Charlie is a Kiehl's guy. He uses the Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash and Moisture treatment everyday. "But not much at all," he says. He uses Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Treatment every night, and a Kiehl's Facial Scrub once a week. He says he uses it more if he's feeling greasy or sees a lot of whiteheads. That's legit.


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In the morning, John uses Cerave hydrating cleanser and Cerave AM facial moisturizing lotion w/ sunscreen. Before bed, he uses Stridex maximum strength exfoliating pads and Cerave PM facial moisturizing lotion. Elevated lifestyle, for sure.


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Dean cleanses with Glossier Milky Jelly, tones with Eau de Roma from Lush, and moisturizes with Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer everyday. He exfoliates with Sunday Riley Good Genes twice a week, and does a sheet mask every other day. Honestly, his skincare is further evolved than mine may ever be.

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