I asked guys if they’d have sex with me while I was on my period, and I was honestly shocked


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I asked guys if they’d have sex with me while I was on my period, and I was honestly shocked

‘I’m not that desperate’

There's only one place to go to find out how men really feel about female body, and that's the cesspool Tinder.

After finding out guys were totally accepting of my weight, I was curious to find out if they'd be down for pound town while good old Flo was the in middle.

First, I wanted to ease them into the subject

Many of you may not know this, but before you start a convo with someone you've never met, you greet them first. So that's exactly what I did before unleashing my kinky Q & A.

This guy was a skeptic

But it turns out he was that desperate!

This had me genuinely shook. Miguel was actually open to the idea of sex with my uterus hemorrhaging. While I expected the the first responses to all be a hard no, it turns out, not everyone will turn down period sex. Who knew?

Well, this guy would turn it down

…And when I asked him why, he started to reconsider

When I put Philipe in the hot seat, he began to rethink his decision. I'm still not fully convinced he'd get it on with me if I was on my period but the fact that he had the decency to think about it if the situation presented itself made him look more attractive than he actually was. Personality matters, people!

This dude messaged me completely out of the blue

And then didn't even bat an eye when I tried guilt-tripping him into the idea

I love how this guy was campaigning himself to be my period sex partner. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a new concept for this man. I might not ghost on this one. Well, not today at least.

Dylan was unsure, but gave me a compliment to lessen the blow of rejecting me

Now that I think about it, I'm low-key salty he described my body as just "good". Like, have you seen me naked? Maybe if he'd agree to my kink, he'd find out just how good it really is. But whatevs. It's his loss.

John straight up made me feel insecure! Fuck you, John!

I can't be totally mad at John. He was very respectable about denying my offer. Although I felt a tad bit of judgmental undertones, I think I'm cute enough to swing his vote in my favor.

This dude was, dare I say, sweet…?

Robbie gave me options, and that's why he's a winner in my eyes. He was ready and willing to go for it while still wanting to keep his sheets neat and clean. Now that's what I call compromise.

And then another saw nothing wrong with it

And after he mulled it over, he was a full-fledged feminist! I mean, kind of

The level of respect this guy had for my monthly was pretty impressive. He wasn't ignorant to the fact that this does indeed happen with some couples, which I wholeheartedly applaud. His only condition was that I stick around to see if I'm actually worth the messy sex.

I even asked my long time friend/booty call of 3 YEARS!

I find it interesting that throughout my research, complete randos were more open to the idea of period sex than my most reliable fuckbuddy. I'm disappointed my friend didn't want to hit it, I'll still keep him around. Ya know, just in case he changes his mind.

Throughout my little experiment, I never thought any guy would even consider the idea of having period sex, but after speaking with randos on dating apps, it became clear to me that some dudes aren't too good for a menstrual sex session.

Then again, I'm drop-dead gorgeous, so they'd probably be my slave if I asked them to.

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