Facials made of CUT OFF baby penises are the latest celebrity skincare trend


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Facials made of CUT OFF baby penises are the latest celebrity skincare trend

Not THAT kind of facial, lmao

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how celebrities are so unnaturally beautiful. Like, yeah, plastic surgery. And, like, yeah, designer clothes. But how do they have teeth and skin as bright and beautiful as the midday sun?

Well, Cate Blanchett gave us some new insight into how they do it. And let me tell you, celebrities are NOT just like us. Apparently she and Sandra Bullock get this facial Sandra calls the "penis facial" because it smells like semen.

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And she's right. It probably does smell phallic. Not because it's cum, but because according to The Cut, it's made out of "cells taken from the freshly removed foreskin of newborn babies in Korea." Yes, you read that correctly. A bunch of old white ladies are rubbing babies' penises all over their faces to look young. This sounds like a fucking Grimm's fairytale.

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But these two aren't the only ones into rubbing foreskin all over their faces. The Cut says there's a two-year waiting list for the treatment in New York. And since it costs $650 a treatment, it's only the rich and fabulous getting it done.

Maybe this is the Hadid secret?! Please tell!

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