Your weekly horoscopes are here and everything is actually great for once?


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Your weekly horoscopes are here and everything is actually great for once?

First week of the rest of your life

by The Tab

This year has put us through the ringer and it's only March. But after a storm comes the sun — or after a new moon comes a week of good karma. Say goodbye to Pisces season, and welcome Aries season with open arms.

Is there anything better than a fresh start? Don't answer that. It was rhetorical. Of course there isn't. A clean Insta grid, a funky spring lewk, or a newly single life — however you choose to celebrate your new beginning, you can't go wrong. Unless you text your ex. Here's everything the stars have in store for you this week, with illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


Welcome to Aries season 🌸. For you, that means double the good luck. Nothing like your own season to bring out the best of your traits and suffocate the rest! At your best, you're adventurous, courageous and versatile. There's truly nothing you can't accomplish if you put your head to it, and this week is your best bet to harness that energy. You'll be feeling more positive and lively than usual, and stubborn, impulsive traits will finally silence themselves.

If there's a conversation you're nervous to have, have it now, and if there's something you want to do but haven't been able to commit to, start now. You've never been in a headspace like this, and everybody is noticing.


Taurus, my generous queen 👑! Dependable and down to Earth you're considered the most reliable friend in your group for a reason. Everybody loves you, but now more than ever. You've been patient in the past few months — as always — and it's finally going to pay off.

Agree to going out, say yes to (almost) anything that comes your way, and see how much your life improves in just one week. Attitude matters more than most things, and when you're sporting an upbeat one, you can pretty much get anything you want from anyone. Your loyalty is a longterm commitment, but someone else is about to be loyal to you. Good things come to signs who wait.


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At your best, you are literally the funniest sign in the zodiac 😂. You're witty, quick and have better references than almost all of your friend. Now it's just about charming that one person whose wit matches your's — and this is the week if there's ever been one. You are absolutely on top of your game.

Bring up something you know they care about, and then just make sure to know enough about it to impress. You're the fully package: beauty, brains and wit, and it's all culminating this week. Who in their right mind could resist you? I certainly couldn't 😜.


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Look at you coming out of your shell 🦀! It's either the new moon or there's something in the air because you're feeling way more curious and adventurous than usual. One of your worst traits is also one of your best. You're emotional which weighs on you but it also makes you psychic. Need to read someone's mind and sway them to your side? Now you can.

Big conversations are going to take place this week, and you already have the upper-hand in them 💘. Just be sure to listen as often as your talk. You're usually an amazing listener, but sometimes your feelings can't stop flowing, and that gets the best of you. Good luck, crabby! It's all smiles and sexy vibes this week.


Fiery babe, how's the view from up there this week 🔥? You're on top of your game which means you're feeling on top of the world, clawing your way to the top even faster than usual. Loving and affectionate, there's nothing you wouldn't do to prove yourself to someone, and right now they're watching 👀. Even if you haven't heard from them, even if it feels like they aren't paying attention — they are, trust me. And they're seeing your face everywhere.

Checking up on Facebook, scrolling through your Instagram without liking anything — is there anything that shows they care more? Honestly, it's almost embarrassing for them. Give them a nice wave so it still looks like you care. You were bound for bigger things anyway.


You're probably wondering why you're always so hard on yourself because I'm wondering why the hell are you always so hard on yourself 😅!? But at your best, you're not only the most intelligent sign, you're the most perceptive. You're really only a perfectionist because you spend so much time watching other people mess up.

But this week, all of that time spent calculating and scheming is going to pay off. People will begin to perceive you as superior to the rest — the way they already should've — and a certain someone will take particular note 😍. Too bad it took them losing you to realize what they had at the time. Careful not to backslide, though. You're better than that.


You little love bug ❤️! Romance has been on the mind and for good reason. You really feel like something good is about to happen this time, and it is. The new moon is bringing a lot of good love luck into your life, so now is your chance to strike. You're so much hotter than you realize. Flaunt it in front of them!

All you do is give and give and you never take from anyone. This is your time to let someone realize you know your worth, and you're not going to sell yourself short for anyone. Confidence is key, and a good outfit always helps with that 🐍. Try some winged liner and leather, too. You're THAT bitch this week.


I bet every time you tell someone your sign, they say something along the lines of: "You're soooo lucky! I wish I was a Scorpio." That's because people love and fear you and there's no combination more powerful than that 🦂. The bravest sign, you're really great at acting tough even when you aren't. But this week you are feel strong.

You know that feeling when you're in the middle of a fight but you already know you're going to win? Yeah, you're channeling that, and everyone else senses it. If anyone tries to cross you, they are going to lose. An ex you feel like you got the short end of the stick with? Someone who isn't paying you the attention you deserve? Strike ⚔.


Intellectual, philosophical, we get it, you're the nerd of the zodiac. But you're more than that and a certain someone has noticed. Following the new moon, you may not be feeling sexier than even but you sure are looking it. And they can't take their eyes (or mind) off you 🌙. Plus, sexy isn't always a look! It's an air of confidence, and you're ~easy breezy~ this week.

If someone is bothering you, don't answer. If someone is chasing you, don't look back at them. And if someone from your past contacts you, act like, act like you don't even care. It will drive them out of their fucking mind.


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Slow down and stop chasing that title for a second because for once, you're going to allow yourself to put romance first. You're young — live a little. Jesus. Goats usually have big goals but those goals can stem into other things and following the new moon, this would be the prefect time for you to show all your cards.

They will be received better than you ever could've imagined, and then you'll be the one who gets to decide what to do with it all. You can wear the pants in your relationship and when you're working. These things aren't mutually exclusive.


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There is nothing more boring than routine and if any sign knows it, it's you 😫. Things have felt tedious lately but that's because all you needed was a fresh start. Now that you have one, what are you going to do with it? At your best you're friendly, forward thinking and independent.

Think it might be time you try your hand at something new? Even if it's small, it'll bring you fulfillment you aren't necessarily finding elsewhere at the moment. You're too smart to sit around and wait for good thing to happen to you — you need to go out and find them 📚. You're destined for so much more than this. Most things are just a stop along the way.


Fish are unusually soft people and by fish I mean you 🐠. There's nothing wrong with it. It's impressive actually, the way you feel life in a way nobody else allows themselves to. And with the new moon upon you, tides are changing and so is the way people perceive you. You've laid low for so long, waiting for your chance to claim your space at the top and the right week is finally upon you.

Because you've been observing for so long, there's no way you can't outsmart every single other person out there. Even the ones who thought you weren't in the game to begin with. They're about to have to size you up for real 💪.


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