Since Abby Lee’s getting out of jail, let’s see what the Dance Moms girls are up to now


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Since Abby Lee’s getting out of jail, let’s see what the Dance Moms girls are up to now

Hopefully none of them are forever scarred by years of abuse!

Abby Lee Miller, the infamous dance teacher who routinely started rumbles between lots of menopausal moms trying to make their prepubescent daughters famous, is getting out of jail.

She was thrown behind bars for bankruptcy fraud, but I feel like basically every celebrity has been caught doing shady money things before. The Situation, Shakira…it's an understandable mistake! Could happen to anyone, tbh. What she really should've been locked up for was roughing up baby ballerinas in front of the whole nation, but then I wouldn't have been able to suck up the Lifetime drama every week like so much mother's milk. And that would've been the real crime.

Abby made a pretty shocking transformation in prison. She's lost more than 100 pounds according to TMZ, and is now a skinny legend.

And that kinda got me thinking: if that gnarled old crone could change so much in six months, how much have the girls changed in the years the show debuted? You know, if they aren't permanently incapacitated from having their traumas broadcasted to their peers and potential employers, that is.

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Abby looking skinny in 2017

Most of them are actually doing pretty great, even if there are some questionable young almost-celebrity decisions being made here. Read on to find out who has a line at Justice, every tween's dream, and to watch Brooke broadcasting her college spring break to the masses.

Oh and when I say Dance Moms girls, I mean the ORIGINAL cast. Jojo who? I don't acknowledge anyone who joined the squad past Kendall. Sorry!

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie is definitely the most famous of the Dance Moms alums. She is Sia's music video muse and even toured with the star.

Maddie is pretty close to reaching A-List status. She's consistently covering magazines and going to exclusive red carpets. And she was just signed by IMG — a major move for any performer.

at IMG shooting some fun stuff 💘 #wlyg

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But maybe the best part of Maddie's fame? She's best friends with Millie Bobby Brown. And I mean real best friends. They have sleepovers!

Oh, and she's the face of The Sims. My 13-year-old self is screaming!

Chloe Lukasiak

Chloe is now 16. She's presumably still in high school, although I don't see any evidence of that on her Instagram. Maybe she goes to University of Phoenix? Whatever, as long as Christie isn't home-schooling her.

Learn to see love backwards, inside out, and upside down

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Career-wise, Chloe is currently on a dance tour with Kendall and Kahlani called The Irreplaceables Tour. I wanted to buy tickets, but sadly the last leg is in Australia.

💋💋💋 #theirreplaceablestour

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Chloe gets lots of money from online #ads. She has almost 6 million Instagram followers, so that makes sense.

The little businesswoman even has a book club at Barnes and Noble. So pure! We stan!

You guys, I'm SO excited to finally share a really exciting project that I’ve been working on! As many of you know, reading has always been extremely important to me and I’ve always wanted to find a way to share my love for books with you. And it’s here! I’ve teamed up with @girlslifemag and @barnesandnoble to create @chloesbookclub, a new community for book lovers. And it starts *now* with #brokenbeautifulhearts by @kamigarcia. Head on over to to learn all about the book (it’s so good!) — and you’ll also find a #chloesbookclub merch giveaway, a special @barnesandnoble code for 15% off the book and all my thoughts about the novel — including why I identified with the characters so much. Can’t wait to hear what you think — tell me in the comments! 📖 [link in bio]

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Chloe gets the occasional magazine cover.

And she's invited to red carpet events as an internet personality and dancer.

Teen Choice 2017

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But don't worry! Even though she's still on the way to Maddie-level fame, Chloe and her mom are just as close as they were on the show

Nia Sioux Frazier

Nia describes herself as a dancer, singer, and actress in her Instagram bio although we have no proof of the latter two occupations.

Tag a friend below who embodies this shirt! 👇💗Be YOU af!

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The 16-year-old has really leaned into YouTube, and has over 500,000 followers on her account. She's also an avid user, if you know what that is.

And like Chloe, she must make most of her cash off online #ads. I literally couldn't find a picture on her Insta that wasn't a promo of some sort.

Nia has a cute boyfriend…

…And was just featured on Nylon mag's website.

She's also active with BeautyCon and is still pursuing dance.

We all knew Nia was going to turn out alright. She is Holly's kid, after all.

So thankful to be spending the Olympics with my bestie💜Tag your BFF below 👇

A post shared by Nia Sioux (@niasioux) on

Brooke Hyland

Brooke, the oldest girl on the OG Dance Moms team, is 20 now. Do you feel old? I feel old.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 📸: @jillianlee_x

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She's a junior at Ohio University and if you were interested, she's an ADPi.

Date party: the proper way to study for finals ❤️

A post shared by BROOKE (@brookehyland) on

Brooke is kinda just doing the college thing, but with 3 million followers. This includes making out with dudes on Spring Break and posting drunk photos featuring her wasted, red-eyed friends mugging for the camera.

Sun kissed xxx ☀️

A post shared by BROOKE (@brookehyland) on

But of course, Brooke still makes time in her "busy" study schedule for some sponsored content.

@BrighterWhite time ✌🏼 Obsessed with this teeth whitening kit! 🌟🙌🏼

A post shared by BROOKE (@brookehyland) on

She "studies" "business," so those ads totally makes sense.

Peace, love, @ashley__russell ❤

A post shared by BROOKE (@brookehyland) on

Paige Hyland

Paige, Brooke's baby sister, is still in high school. And unlike Chloe, we have proof she goes to an actual school with accredited teachers.

happy hoco 💃🏼😻

A post shared by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

She's also…super hot? Are we allowed to say that? Is that weird?

Summer wya?? •••• Follow @tjswim_ for the cutest suits for summer!! #tjswim

A post shared by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

Paige is no longer a dancer but of course she's now a model. She's modeled for Sherri Hill in the last two New York Fashion Weeks.

Sherri Hill ALWAYS kills it ⚡️💕

A post shared by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

She's still close with Chloe from their Dance Moms days.

my fav blonde friend 👯

A post shared by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

But she has a cute little group of high school friends, too!

lemme tell ya bout my best friends

A post shared by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

So well-adjusted for being a reality TV superstar, even if she does sponcon. Gotta get that money while you can!

Kendall Vertes

The very first thing I'm going to say about Kendall is that she's a 15-year-old with major lip fillers and a mom who lets her pose like this:

Thinking about you 24/7

A post shared by Kendall Vertes (@kendallvertes) on

In spite of really leaning into the Kylie Jenner sportswear-and-big-ass-lips trend, Kendall's a pretty successful performer. She released a Christmas album in 2017 that was streamed for 55 hours straight.

Feels like Christmas! #k-mas

A post shared by Kendall Vertes (@kendallvertes) on

But really, we shouldn't be too surprised. Kendall's 2015 music video for Wear 'Em Out beat Taylor Swift's Bad Blood on the iTunes charts. Pop queens everywhere found dead in Miami!

Other than singing sexy renditions of Santa Baby at 15, Kendall is doing a dance tour with Chloe and Kahlani. And she's probably not in school. Smdh.

Show time

A post shared by Kendall Vertes (@kendallvertes) on

But really, why should she be wasting time learning her multiplication tables when she can earn $$$ selling selfie-mics online?

Mackenzie Ziegler

Mackenzie is only 13 and she's literally living my dream.

happy (gal)entines day🌹❤️

A post shared by Mackenzie Ziegler (@kenzie) on

The teen queen designed a line with JUSTICE, the new-age Limited Too, and is always traveling to promote it.

She also wrote a self-help book because it's a fact that all seventh graders know everything there is to know about life.

And she gets invited to red carpets!

She's still dancing, but not with Abby Lee.

That's probably a good thing. We all watched the show.

And a bonus Jonas: Vivi, daughter of Cathy from Candy Apples

Vivi is 13 now and still dances at Candy Apples. She doesn't have an Instagram and her mom posts embarrassing videos of her online.

But of course she does…she's Cathy.

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