Gigi Hadid’s new boyfriend used to date her sister…and Kendall…and Rihanna


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Gigi Hadid’s new boyfriend used to date her sister…and Kendall…and Rihanna

Can y’all find someone fresh for once?

It looks like Gigi is wasting no time mourning over her breakup with former directioner/terrible tattoo aficionado Zayn Malik.

She's moved on to four-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who boasts a net worth of $240 million to Zayn's approximate $50 million. Not that it really matters because Gigi's dad is a literal billionaire, but it's a nice bonus, you know? Plus Lewis doesn't have a tattoo of The Flash fighting Lord Voldemort so we already like him better than Zaddy Zayn.

The Mirror reports the two have been sending flirty texts to each other, and one inside source said the pair have "a big connection."

The two recently filmed together for a Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign, but this isn't the first time the two have been spotted together:

Just look at them all cozy at Gigi's fashion show with Tommy Hilfiger last spring

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The last time Gigi was tied to Lewis was back in 2015, when the two spent time together in Monaco after she split with Cody Simpson

We love you @lewishamilton. Everyone knows you da champ. #TEAMLH

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This Gigi and Lewis hug was taken back when she was still with Simpson

While there are still tons of questions around the two and their budding relationship, they're bound to end up spending even more time together as Lewis has just become a brand ambassador for Hilfiger. Only time will tell how this all plays out.

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