We asked girls for their WILDEST sex-at-work stories, and they did not disappoint


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We asked girls for their WILDEST sex-at-work stories, and they did not disappoint

So. Much. Desk. Sex.

According to these stories from our readers, sex at work is a wave you might want to hop on because it may just be the hottest ride of your life.

Let us begin:


I met this one hot guy at work and he was really fun to be around. So naturally we started hooking up. We had sex in the office shower, the office gym, and he even whipped it out in the middle of the call center floor. I was not about to lose my job over that shit but it was hot and secretive Once, we almost got caught hooking up the third-floor hallway. I still see him on and off to this day, but he's a big manwhore. Whatever.


I worked at Cracker Barrel. It happened at like 11 or 11:30 at night when the only people there were employees. I had sex in the parking lot with an associate from a different department after hours. We got busted by a manager who laughed his ass off, but then high-fived us. I didn't get in trouble because I was mad chill with the manager and he was pretty promiscuous himself. That place was one big orgy.


Everyone was still working, but he and I were closing down the lower level of the store. We went on a 10-minute break and texted each other that we'd meet in backstock. At first it was tough to get there because our manager was being a cockblock and trying to stop him from going downstairs with me. But I waited and when he finally came downstairs I sucked him off while we hid from the security cameras. It was dope.


We were caught on the stairs of the store when it was closed and we both worked overnight shift. We were literally having sex on the stair landing between the first and second floor. It was a co-worker who busted us, though he ignored us and just walked away. Obviously we continued doing our thing.


My senior editor on the school newspaper (my now-boyfriend) had the keys to the editing room and we met in there to hook up. It was intense and sexy as hell because I’ve always had a lot of work-sex fantasies. Anyway, it was all good and dandy until we heard the locks turn and realized the other senior editor had a copy of the keys. I’ve never thrown on my clothes so fast in my life.


I work at a specialty summer camp for the children of celebrities and other assorted rich people. On my night out, another counselor and I met up in a vacant teepee for one of our many scandalous hookups. It was terrifying to avoid night guard driving around. I had to walk the entire campground to get back to my cabin that night, hiding behind trees and shit to avoid the light from the guards. It was fun and worth it, though. None of the kids or staff found out. They just thought I was doing laundry on my night off. Too bad I was getting dirty rather than clean.


I had sex in the wheelchair fitting room when I was supposed to be checking people in to try on clothes. Our managers were focused on other things, so people were just going in and out of the fitting rooms with whatever they wanted. We didn’t take too long and our managers never found out about it.


I worked the graveyard shift in a very small office. A colleague and I would "go for a smoke" and get it on in the elevator. The building was empty and there were only four floors, so we'd wait 'til it stopped on the top floor and then get it on. We almost got caught one night when someone (who was actually going for a smoke) pressed the button and the elevator doors opened as we were fixing our clothes. I was so scared, I paralyzed — my legs felt like they were going to give in. After that, I refused to do it again.


I had sex in the Denny’s kitchen one night. One of the servers and I stayed late and I’d been crushing on him for a long time. We told our supervisors that we’d lock up after closing and we ended up fucking right on the kitchen floor. Unfortunately, I went home with syrup on my ass. It was sticky and kinda gross.


I fucked another tutor in an elementary school bathroom. Basically, I worked at an after-school tutoring program and one of my fellow tutors and I had been eye fucking for weeks. It was the only time we ever saw each other so while the kids were on their snack break, I went on mine in the nearby bathroom with him. I had to bite myself the whole time to keep quiet so no children could and us. I should feel bad, but it was just too good.


I once had sex right on top of the Duane Reade register. I was a manager so I could basically do whatever I wanted and nobody would really say anything to me. I did it with an employee so I kind of felt like a cougar in this scenario, but it was so worth it. We threw everything on the counter to the floor and went at each other. Lucky for me I wore a skirt that day so it was easy to maneuver his dick under it.


I was an intern and did it in the disabled restroom with a senior manager from a different department. It took way longer than I anticipated it would, and then I got scolded for taking long lunches when I got back. I didn’t say anything and sat down while cum was trickling down my legs. At the end of the day, though, I sneakily swapped chairs with the manager who scolded me. Checkmate!

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