We talked to the guy behind Twitter’s Pop Crave, the ESPN of pop music


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We talked to the guy behind Twitter’s Pop Crave, the ESPN of pop music

He opened up on his relationship with Cardi B, CEOs leaking stories, and stans stabbing him in the back

There are millions of people on Twitter: celebrities, your classmates, grandmas, and even people who really shouldn't be there, like neo-Nazis or anyone in the Trump family tree. It can be difficult to carve out a space amongst the stan accounts, the vine re-runs, and everyone wishing girls and gays a good morning.

But somehow, Will Cosme has done just that with Pop Crave.

Pop Crave is a Twitter news account that prides itself on being the first to share celebrity updates, ran by Will and co-operators Wilnette Ortega and Stav Peretz. The account has 207,000 followers and counts Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Charli XCX, Kelly Clarkson, Dua Lipa, Fifth Harmony, and Tyler Oakley as personal fans.

And even if you haven't officially followed, you've probably seen it's blue-lipped Marilyn Monroe profile picture somewhere on your feed.

They've broken stories like the infamous unfollow of Big Sean by Jhene Aiko, and announced Fifth Harmony's hiatus hours before anyone in the industry

And they're Twitter's go-to for updates on celebrities' public appearances, Billboard updates, and Instagram highlights

Basically, the ESPN of pop.

24-year-old Will, who's from Miami, started Pop Crave as a hobby

He says his obsession with pop culture may be "unhealthy," but he loves what he does. Going big on Twitter has allowed him to merge his addiction to music and his love of writing into something fun and exciting.

But recently, running the account has turned into a full-time job

He spends about 10 hours a day searching for news and works retail on the side. Most of Pop Crave's stories come from Will obsessively analyzing the most minute details of celebrities social media accounts, but he also has some connections in the industry.

Most of his connections are producers and songwriters, but he recently counted a record label's CEO as a plug

Will tells babe the executive would send the account music industry updates, saying he admired the account. Recently, he had allegations made against him, and Pop Crave severed ties.

Celebrities also communicate with the account

Several stars have sent the account exclusives, and even more have interacted with the account online. Cardi B has been the most supportive celebrity, commenting on Will's posts or posting screenshots on her Instagram. The last time she commented on Pop Crave's account, it made the news.

While the account might not be profitable right now, Will plans to turn Pop Crave into a media empire

A website is currently in the works, and should be starting up soon. Ahead of this growth, one thing Will wants everyone to know about Pop Crave is that it isn't just a stan account or a gossip mill. He's dedicated to good, fair news.

"We're not biased," he explains. "We're just trying to be the best that we can be — the go-to news page for everything pop culture. We go out of our way to be positive and fact-check every single thing we publish."

He says his lack of bias can actually get him harassed

Stans who would literally die for their favorite star are constantly at his throat, sending threatening messages to the account or trying to discredit his work.

Will says the stan accounts do everything in their power to help their faves grow, even if that means attacking someone who's reporting on their song flopping.

"For them, there's no space for any other artist," Will says. "There’s something really beautiful in that but at the same time, it's a little bit crazy."

Ultimately, most pop culture news couldn't profit without the celebrity-obsessed fans. And Will realizes that.

When asked what underrated celebrity he stans, he immediately said Tinashe

"The girl is perfect to be the next major pop act!" Will says. "She has the voice, the stage presence, the dance skills, she even writes her own songs. I'm sincerely shocked she hasn't happened yet."

Tinashe may not have happened yet, but Pop Crave certainly has. With this momentum, Will is optimistic for his website's success. Forgetting about his reveal that Jhene Aiko unfollowed Big Sean or all of his Cardi B mentions, he says his .com launch will be his biggest update yet — we can't wait.