Azealia Banks claims Rihanna stole her ideas, music, and politics to make ANTI


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Azealia Banks claims Rihanna stole her ideas, music, and politics to make ANTI

Literally who fucks with Rihanna?

Of all the celebrities on Planet Earth, the last one I'd want to fuck with is Rihanna. First, because I've seen the Bitch Better Have My Money music video, and have no intention of being tied up in the backseat of a foreign car. But also because I've seen the kind of damage Rih Rih can do to her enemies — just look at Snapchat's shares.

Despite the potential risks, Azealia Banks, fucking delusional yet talented rapper/songwriter, took a pretty deep shot at Rihanna in an Instagram comment last night. Replying to a fan, she says the album Anti was named after a recording session where she told Rihanna to be anti-pop. But she doesn't just stop there. She claims she came up not only with the title, but with Anti's entire sound, and says she is the sole martyr that allowed modern pop to be political.

Yes, she is literally claiming she walked so Rihanna and Beyonce and other political pop queens could run. She basically thinks she's the reason Formation exists. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

I have no issues believing Azealia is genuinely talented, but you better not talk about Ms. Fenty like that. And you especially better not come for Blue Ivy's mom by name next time. I'd be scared of what that 6-year-old is capable of.

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