Grab your red lipstick and some boxing gloves, it’s ARIES SEASON


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Grab your red lipstick and some boxing gloves, it’s ARIES SEASON

You all have no filter but I LOVE that

Last night, while you were all sleeping, the most important event of the year occurred. No, it wasn't an impeachment or a tornado or even a nuclear hellfire. Well, it kind of was. It was the dawn of Aries Season.

Aries are great because they're fiercely loyal and they always have a crazy new idea. Just make sure you aren't on their bad side. These people can fucking bulldoze you.

We love our Aries friends even if sometimes we're their punching bags. They just can't help that they have so…many…emotions. Sometimes they shut us out or break down, but they always come back determined to make everything better. They know your favorite color and your favorite flavor of ice cream and exactly how to charm you back into being besties.

Aries are enthusiastic, courageous, and honest. They're the type of friend who will tell you when your boyfriend is ugly and help you get a new one. These girls are the life of the party (or the group chat.) They're psychotic enough to speak their fierce mind without a filter, and they keep everything interesting.

Happy Aries season to our crazy little Rams! Don't go too hard on your birthdays and don't take this as a sign to quit your job and pursue your side hustle. Not that you'd ever listen to me anyway. Xoxoxo

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