Blac Chyna’s new ‘man’ is actually a TEEN and Twitter has a lot of thoughts about this


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Blac Chyna’s new ‘man’ is actually a TEEN and Twitter has a lot of thoughts about this

I just wanna know why

Age is just a number, and I'm an avid believer that you can date whoever the fuck you want. But I also think you can be criticized for it. So here's my criticism: I want to know why the hell Blac Chyna, a celebrity and mother, is dating an actual 18-year-old.

YBN Almighty Jay is a TEENAGE rapper from Houston. She's 29, so they're only 11 years apart. I guess that's not that bad. I just don't understand how she went from Tyga, to Rob, to a dude that looks more like her child than her mans? Like, Blac Chyna could bag literally any Soundcloud rapper and she picked the one that barely cuts it as a legal adult. Yikes.

And guess what? Twitter agrees with me. This whole thing is messed up. They've been taking this relationship down from Day 1.

They've pointed out that not only does Blac LOOK like YBN's mom…

…She's out here ACTING like his mom, too!

After a shopping trip, Blac Chyna had to keep her mans from running into oncoming traffic. WHAT?

Not to mention this boy straight-up looks like a child

He doesn't even look 18

And apparently the couple met on CHRISTIAN MINGLE?

The worst part of this whole thing. Maybe it's an arranged marriage for Blac's brand?

…they don't act too Christian, just saying ?

Look at that booty grab!

YBN, shouldn't you be in school instead of grabbing a grown woman's ass? And Chyna, shouldn't you be dating dudes your own age and in your tax bracket (or higher)? Smdh.

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