Let’s journey through the ever-changing, many faces of Aubrey O’Day


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Let’s journey through the ever-changing, many faces of Aubrey O’Day

That Danity Kane money has really lasted

While we all poke fun at the flop of Puff Daddy's (Diddy, Brotha Love, etc) bootleg version of the Pussy Cat Dolls known as Danity Kane from MTV's 'Making the Band', lead singer Aubrey O'Day is still making headlines.

This time, it's because she's become a new attraction in the Trump Administration sideshow — she's allegedly DT Jr's sidechick.

To bask in the celebration of this amazing scandal, let's take a look at the transformation of her visage over the years. We love a catty story!

Here is her humble beginning when Danity Kane first formed way back in 2005

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This was DK's one moment on TRL

My guess is that Aubrey is (like most 'blondes') a natural brunette. Her hair is streaked with Kelly Clarkson-inspired chunky highlights, her foundation is unblended (no shade, mine was too back then) and she appears to be rocking her god-given face.

But THEN! This is Aubrey at Z100's Zootopia at the IZOD Center in May 2008

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In just three years, Aubrey managed to make the transformation from "Hottest Girl In Your ISS Class" to a beautiful, bootleg Rapunzel. Her teeth are veneered and she's leveled-up her tan, but her changes are still largely superficial. We've yet to break the lock on her treasure trove of surgeries.

Then she was serving us firetruck-red Aubrey at a Pre-GRAMMY Event at Tru Hollywood in 2012

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First question: How did she scam her way into this event? Aside from that, I honestly do love me some red hair dye, and this look from O'Day circa 2012 is a classic Walmart-bought wash-n-rinse. If only she knew how important roots were back then! Her nose is contoured to death (perhaps with a NARS Ita brush?) and so are her boobs. Her cups runneth over!

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And of course we couldn't forget to include a vintage Insta pic of bangin' for reference. I am alarmed though, because she appears to have…taken a picture of a TV screen and uploaded it? She really couldn't just download the original?

But between 2012 and 2013 she got even more petite! Her mind…it's so powerful….

I love the way bitches look at me.

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Those are some high cheekbones, Ms. O'Day

#DKLA after party glam by my brother for life @etienneortega

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They almost look…dare I say…unnatural? But that couldn't possibly be the case. How much was Diddy paying her DK salary anyway?

Honestly, Aubrey was an overlooked skinny legend by the time I graduated high school. Her waist is snatched, she's werking the underboob and her skin looks flawless. Oh, wait. 2013 was the same year FaceTune launched. My bad ya'll.

And her cheekbones only went all the up from there in 2015

6 DAYS LEFT before @dumblondeofficial Album Drops!!! ? #itunes #amazon #google

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Did her lips just also get pumped? Her top lip has come out of hiding, and I don't think it's thanks to overlining.

Hold up. She definitely found Kim K's doc and put his number on speed dial in this pic from 2 years ago

got the flu.. my man thinks I'm prettiest w no makeup on.

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You can all try and blame this on makeup, but I'm not sure I see much besides a couple pumps of foundation packed on. Her lips are huge, her nose is tiny. She's cute! And shoutout to her implant trying to break free of her tank top.

And this is my homegirl Aubrey today

walking around with energy of the hot summers.

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be as free as you can. ?: @fashionnova ‘laced in you’ ?: @houseofbraid

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I know every "artist" needs to evolve in order to stay relevant, but it just goes to show how far people will go to barnacle themselves into any topic of conversation.

This was no easy task going through her 4,000+ Insta pics. I don't know about ya'll, but I delete any photo from my feed that goes back to the 5 filters Instagram originally offered. Now you can go back to scrolling to the top to compare her faces throughout the decade. You're welcome.

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